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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

jealousy based on his true feelings for her, or merely his sense of pride and ownership? As
Bacardi considered the thought before drifting off to sleep, she wondered what he would think of
Bacardi knew for a fact, Anna was the type of woman that Gino would want to fuck. He’d
definitely want to watch Bacardi eat and fuck her also, as long as he thought it was his idea. She
considered how she could work it out so Gino would think it was his idea. Then Bacardi
realized that the last thing she wanted was Gino watching her get busy between Anna’s legs; nor
did she want Anna fucking Gino. What’s even more, the thought of him lying between Anna’s
legs bothered her as well. She felt a twinge of jealousy at the thought. Bacardi wasn’t sure what
bothered her the most; the thought of Gino fucking Anna, or the thought of Anna fucking Gino!
That was the last thought she had before falling into a restless sleep.
Whoops! Where’s the Tape?
Unlike Bacardi, who was totally exhausted from sex for the night, China was ready for more sex
play. She had brought BOB home with her and planned to enjoy her battery operated buddy,
with or without Anthony. When Anthony was nowhere to be found, China got mildly irritated.
At least it started as mild irritation; then she thought about the tape! It was after she had run her
water and got in the shower. China was enjoying the hot water on her skin while she played with
her nipples; they were turned on and starting to get erect. She tried to adjust the pulsating
shower head so that the water pounded directly on her pussy like it was pounding her skin. The
angle didn’t allow for enough pressure for her to feel the complete affect. Damn! She slipped
one, then two fingers up inside her; then she squatted slightly so her fingers could go deeper
inside. “Ummm!” Where the fuck is Anthony’s ass? She wondered only half interested.
As she fingered herself for a few seconds, she pondered over which one of their favorite porn
movies she was going to pop in. It was then that China thought about watching the Bacardi and
Anna show that she had witnessed at the house. She remembered how she had not bothered to
turn it off before joining the women in the bedroom, so China knew she was probably in the
video also. She got excited at the thought and her nipples began to hurt. She wanted to hurry
and relieve the scene again. She squeezed both her nipples tightly and gave them a little twist.
They were ripe and ready to be sucked some more. China couldn’t wait to lay on the bed and
plug in BOB, then pop in the tape… That’s when it hit her. “OH FUCK ME!” She yelled the
words out loud in disbelief. She realized she had forgotten to get the tape.
China wanted to go back to the house immediately to get it, but she didn’t have her car; she had
left it parked in the driveway. If Anthony had been home, she would have just taken his car, but
by now it was nearly midnight and he hadn’t even come in yet. “Where the fuck is THAT
motha’ fucka’! I can’t believe this fuckin shit!!!” She couldn’t stop cussing when she thought
about how stupid and greedy she had been. I could have just watched them, took the tape, and be
laying here right now enjoying the show.
China also realized that since she had crashed Bacardi’s little love fest, there was a good chance
that Bacardi was going to renege on the rest of their arrangement. If China had done what she
agreed to do in the first place, she knew she could have still collected on that part of the deal