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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

spotted a parking space halfway down the block on the other side of the street, but she would have to
turn around.
After parking the late model Chevy Lumina, she glanced in the mirror to check her f ace; then she
readjusted a few of the freshly braided extensions in her hair. The only makeup she had on was a touch
of eyeliner and a dab of sheer lipstick. She gently rubbed her index finger across her bottom lip,
redistributing the lipstick. Then she pursed bot h her lips together and was satisfied with the result.
Anna had already put lotion on after her shower earlier, but the aroma no longer lingered. She took a
small bottle of Bath and Body Works out of her purse. After applying some on her hands, arms, legs and
sandaled feet, the sweet smell of apple blossom filled the car. Anna knew that in the future, the smell of
apple blossoms would always remind her of Bacardi and this day. This made her want to quicken her
pace. She couldn’t wait to meet the sexy woman she’d been masturbating because of, ever since they
first talked. She grabbed her purse off the seat, locked the car and hurried down the street to Bacardi’s
Anna’s annoyance about parking on the street had passed, but she was still curious about the driveway
issue. She also wondered if Bacardi lived in the large single -level house alone. She found this awful hard
to believe. This is a big ass house to live in by yourself. I’d be scared to death! Bacardi hadn’t really told
her that she lived alone, only that they would be alone for their meeting. Anna pushed it out of her mind
and her thoughts returned to the business at hand, getting a taste of yummy Bacardi. She approached
the door, rang the doorbell, and waited.
Household Sexcapades
While Bacardi waited for Anna to arrive for their “meeting” she asked herself what she was doing. This
would be the first time she ever had sex without Gino since meeting him so long ago. Up until now, he
had always been in the same room with her, or behind th e wall watching. This felt like cheating, in spite of
the less than conventional sex life that the two of them shared. Bacardi never questioned whatever Gino
want ed, even if meant him fucking other women while she watched. But when it came to her own
gratification, it all revolved around Gino. She’d never even consider being with another man, and he was
always in the middle of her and any woman. Over the years, he molded her to exactly what he wanted
and needed her to be.
Bacardi considered how it had become hard to tell where her working sex life ended and her personal sex
life began. The two had become so entwined. This was especially the case after Gino’s foster sister,
China came on the scene. Gino brought China in to help with the new business. He need ed help
perfecting his scams for fucking and ultimately blackmailing unsuspecting women. He fully trusted China
and together, they figured out the safest way to operate his sexual extortion schemes.
Bacardi accepted whatever games Gino wanted them to play , but it was China that Gino turned to in
order to develop their lucrative business. China was the one who had finally helped Gino start profiting
from the talent he had for sexual coercion and corralling women. Gino and China had a special
connection. Together, they developed an effective met hod of operation. It allowed Gino to have all the
pussy and money he needed. China was the female counterpart of Gino. Like him, she enjoyed being in
control. While their lovers’ Bacardi and Anthony stood obediently by, awaiting instructions, China helped
Gino create his own little sexual empire. When it came to personal relationships, including the one she
had with her boy friend Anthony, China was the one who held the reigns. But as far as everything else
with China, just like with Bacardi and everyone else; Gino was the one running things; that was the way
China wanted it.
Gino referred to Anthony as China’s lap dog. Since Gino trusted China, Anthony was allowed to know
certain details about the “business” and even help in relat ed real estate and investment matters. Gino
also employed a feisty 23 year old named Roxie; she worked with Bacardi on occasion. Roxie had very
specific skills that Gino only used when necessary. China worked the same kind of “bi-curious” schemes