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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Bacardi but to China, whom he viewed as family. China made good mo ney whenever she
worked or partnered with Gino, and he was always giving her extra cash for miscellaneous
projects. Additionally, Gino allowed China to make even more money by providing erotic
massages from the house. As long as her clients were women, s he could schedule all the
sessions she wanted.
The more Bacardi thought about it, China had a lot to lose by agreeing to keep her secret. Gino
would blame China for knowing and not telling. Then again, if China snitched on Bacardi, she’d
be telling on herself as well, and that could work out just as bad. Bacardi reasoned that the
moment China had decided to bust up the party, she became just as guilty. At least that’s the
way Gino would see it. Gino had three standing rules when it came to the house on Plummet
Street. No men in the house other than him and China’s boyfriend Anthony. This rule applied
particularly when it came to various sexual related activities being performed in the house. No
men meant no problems that Gino couldn’t handle. The other two rules applied specifically to
Bacardi. No fucking or sucking pussy unless Gino set it up or was involved, and no fucking or
sucking on China, period!
Gino had his personal reasons for not wanting them together, although Bacardi didn’t really
understand it, nor did she try. While Bacardi had broken two of Gino’s rules; China had gotten
out of line also and Gino would not be pleased at all. Bacardi considered how this could work to
her advantage. If China snitches on me, I can just tell on her also. China was really in no
position to say anything to Gino without him finding out that she had also participated. Knowing
China, she might try and deny that she was even in at the party. Bacardi realized that in a case
of he-said-she-said, Gino might not even take her word over China’s. Fuck! I should have
videotaped the three of us together. At least I would have had some leverage if China flakes out
on me. Little did Bacardi know, China had considered taking similar action. Not only had she
made a video of Bacardi and Anna, but in her excitement to crash the girl-on- girl party, China
had left the tape running. It had captured everything, including China. Every single tit, clit,
tongue and ass was all on the video tape.
Wake up and Get Out
All the events of the day bounced around back and forth in Bacardi’s head. While images of
Anna made her pussy throb still, Bacardi was starting to feel anxious about what would happen
and how her life might change if Gino knew what she had done. China was something Bacardi
hadn’t counted on when she had decided to set up the date. Bacardi looked over at China
sleeping peacefully, with her head rested against the car frame. Bitch! Who invited her ass to
the damn party anyway?! Bacardi used a little extra force when she shoved China and woke her
up. “We’re home – wake up and get out.”
Bacardi couldn’t wait to get inside the duplex apartment. By the time Bacardi finally fell into the
bed she normally shared with Gino, she was too tired to worry about anything. She didn’t want
to think about what Gino would say or do about the Anna situation. To be truthful, she couldn’t
even be sure. He had such a weird jealous streak when it came to Bacardi, yet he would give her
away to the first piece of pussy he felt like watching her eat; as long as it was his choice, not
hers. She didn’t understand it, and she had begun to start questioning his motivations. Was his