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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

pleasure their pussies until they begged her not to stop. But then Bacardi would stop; she’d tie one of
their hands to the bedpost with a scarf to keep them restrained. The women would lay and squirm with
desire, while their other hand would be free to frantically try and pleasure their own pussy. The helpless
and horny women would lay and watch while Gino’s dick attacked Bacardi’s pussy from behind.
Before Gino let Bacardi cum, he would pull his long dripping dick out of her so she could go back to
sucking on the woman again. The woman’s hungry cunt would come close to the brink of climaxing again,
but once again Bacardi would withdraw her tongue. By this time, the woman would be desperate for
anything to be inside her, including Gino’s fat cock. As he brought it to her face and teas ed her with it, she
would beg him to fuck her soggy pussy and satisfy her unquenchable thirst. Before giving her what she
want ed, Gino would make the woman lick and suck his cock; cleaning all the juices that Bacardi had just
squirted on his slick dick. After the woman had properly serviced Gino’s throbbing manhood with her
mouth, Gino would finally fuck the woman until she came; of course he captured everything on tape.
Bacardi told herself that the women loved Gino’s cock as much as she did, and most of the time she was
absolutely right. Gino was an extremely skilled lover and knew exactly how to work his big dick. He had a
whole bag of tricks, and Bacardi loved everything he pulled out of it. She never really knew what was
coming next. Bacardi reasoned that the women she lured there to be fucked without their consent loved
having their body ravished; they were just too ashamed to admit it. Gino counted on the women’s shame
and embarrassment to prevent them from ever calling the police or retaliating. He also had the video
footage that he threatened them with for leverage.
Bacardi wouldn’t allow herself to feel guilty afterwards either. She justified her actions by saying the
women really enjoyed being held down while she ate their wet pussies just the way Gino commanded. He
made her slip the tiniest bit of ecstasy in the drinks of women who were particularly uptight and more
difficult to manage. Not enough of the drug to make them zombies, just enough to make them loos en up
and behave. Bacardi told herself that the women agreed to meet her because they were looking for
pleasure. She would give some of them “X” just to help loosen up their inhibitions. Others brought their
own mood enhancements to enjoy alone with Bacardi. Sometimes it was “X”, but mostly it was marijuana
or some kind of alcohol. Typically, for the special parties, Gino would make sure all three intoxicants were
available if anyone wanted or needed them. As for him, all he did was drink – lots of Bacardi Rum.
House on Plummet Street
Anna put the car in park but left the engine running. She reached in the black handbag lying on the seat
and took out the paper where she had written down the details. Although she knew it by heart and it was
burned in her brain, she looked at the address on the paper and confirmed the number. “6999 Plummet
Street - Yep this is the right number”, she said aloud. Anna read the notes she’d written just below the
This was definitely the right place. Bacardi’s home was the only one on the property, but it had a long
driveway that ran all the way back to the house. There was just one car in the driveway. She knew it was
Bacardi’s because it had her name on it. It was an old model Mustang like the kind that one of Anna’s old
standby dicks used to drive. She couldn’t remember his name, but she remembered how he used to drive
her like he drove the car that he loved so much – rough! Sometimes she enjoyed it, depending on the
mood she was in, but as a rule, Anna didn’t like men who pounded her pussy. She used to wonder why
he didn’t take better care of his car if he loved it so much. Basically, all he did was ride in it, just like he
did her. Damn, he really did treat me just lik e that fuck ing car!
Unlike the Mustang that Anna’s forgotten lover drove, the one sitting in Bacardi’s driveway wasn’t all beat
up and dirty. Apparently it didn’t leak oil either, because the driveway pavement was spotless. There was
ample enough room for Anna to park behind Bacardi, plus allow for at least two more cars behind her.
Anna didn’t understand. Bacardi had instructed her to park on the street. With all this fucking driveway,
why in the fuck do I have to park on the street?! Anna glanced up and down the street with irritation. She