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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Hung Over From Bacardi
As soon as Anna got into the bathroom of her empty apartment, the volcano that had been
building in her throat erupted. She was barely able to lift the toilet seat before she was throwing
up the remains of her day; rum, cum and sperm. She knew she would be hung over from
Bacardi tomorrow; both the rum and the woman. From her first taste of Bacardi, to the Bacardi
with a chaser, Anna had enjoyed her fill of it all. There was no way that she would be able to go
into work the next morning.
Anna sat with her face in the toilet bowl, wondering could she possibly have anything else to
throw up. Between this and all the cum she had spewed out today; she was sure that she had
never lost so many fluids in her life. When she was finally able to lift her head, she got up from
the cold tiles. Surprisingly, she had done a good job of not puking on the floor. After she had
brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth real good, Anna ran a tub and allowed herself to relax in
the hot soapy water. She let her body sink all the way down into the soothing water until her hair
was wet. She hadn’t bothered to tie it up or put a shower cap on. The combination brown and