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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

home and earl all over the porch! She knew that the wave of nausea she had been
feeling intermittently would finally come down on her the minute she got to the
bathroom. If she could just hold it a few more minutes until she got there...
Doubling Back Again
Smitty had taken off down the street without a second thought, still not believing what
had just happened in his van. Although he had women throwing pussy at him all the
time, never had he experienced such a raw, animalistic hookup with a woman. She
hadn’t even wanted to know his name, even though he had told her anyway. Not only
did she not give him her name, but Smitty was certain that the house she parked in front
of wasn’t really where she lived. That is why he decided to double back again.
Something wouldn’t let him just walk away from a sweet piece of willing ass like that.
Smitty saw that he was right; when he turned off his headlights and crept back from
around the block, Anna was just pulling into a driveway, nearly a block from where he
had followed her too. “Sneaky bitch. Just like I thought; but that cunt sho can suck a
dick”, he said the words aloud, then he added, “Man, I gotta’ git me some more of that
juicy-ass pussy!”
Final Release
Anna had been right to suspect the stranger she had just fucked would double back,
only she didn’t know it. She never saw him when he returned. Her focus was on making
it to the bathroom before throwing up because that was the other thing she had been
right about. The minute she got into the bathroom of the empty apartment, the volcano
that had been building up in her throat finally erupted. Anna was barely able to lift the
toilet seat before she was throwing up the remains of her day; rum, cum and sperm.
Anna leaned over the bowl thinking. There’s no fucking way I’m going in to work
tomorrow. She knew she would be too hung over from Bacardi.
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Hung Over From Bacardi
Book Four of the BACARDI SERIES Publications
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