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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Too Determined to Stay
Now that she was driving down the street, and back in the real world, Anna was finding
it hard to shake all the negative thoughts about the day. Earlier, when she had tipped-
toed back to the bedroom, all kind of questions were popping in her mind. But she was
too determined to stay. She had justified and dismissed every odd occurrence. Not even
the locked closet door had been enough to deter her.
Anna had shooed away the negative thoughts about the locked closet door in the
bedroom. She had simply proceeded to hang her damp thong on the doorknob, and
then went to lie down on the bed. She had been too busy to be worried; she was more
concerned about Bacardi’s missing pussy and tongue. Even then, she had suspected
that something about Bacardi wasn’t right. Bi-curious my ass! She knew now, for a fact,
that Bacardi had eaten pussy before. Anna had been jealous when she imagined
Bacardi in the other room with someone else. That slick as bitch is probably sucking
somebody else’s pussy right now.
As she made her way down the darkened street, Anna prayed not to be sick in her car.
The idea that the time she spent with Bacardi was some kind of trick was making her
sick to her stomach. She also realized that the she had consumed quite a bit of alcohol
and weed on an empty stomach. I should have at least took a slice of pizza to go. Anna
scolded herself aloud by saying: “That’s what I get for following my pussy and not my
mind!” Then she muttered: “Greedy ass bitch!” right before she nearly crashed into the
dark van that had come from out of nowhere.
Near Miss
Anna’s attention had been divided between the day’s events, and trying to determine
which way she should turn to get back to the freeway. Before reaching the stop light,
she stayed to the left; planning to make a left turn off the small residential street. Then
she saw a sign that said: FREEWAY but it was pointing to the right. When she went to
angle back over to the right side of the road, a car’s headlights suddenly appeared
behind her from out of nowhere; the driver leaned on his horn, hard! Anna had to
swerve quickly, back to the left side of the road in order to prevent sideswiping the
vehicle. She slammed on her brakes; when she did, she heard a loud popping and then
a slow hissing noise. Anna froze in place with her hands clutching the steering wheel
tightly. For a few moments she couldn’t even think, let alone move. Her heart was
pounding so hard in her chest that it hurt.
As she tried to regain her composure, Anna couldn’t believe what had just happened.
She looked ahead of her and was thankful that there had been no cars coming from the
opposite direction. If there were, she might have had a bad collision. The fear and
realization of what had just occurred; together with the outcome of the day’s events
were too much to process. Anna felt sick again; this time she was warm and flushed like
she was going to faint.