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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Over the years, Bacardi came to recognize the necessary elements in order for Gino to experience
pleasure. She learned to do what she could to help indulge him, even preparing women just the way he
liked them. She did whatever it took. The more Gino was pleased, the more pleasure he would event ually
give Bac ardi; pleasuring her in more and more unbelievable ways. The grand finale of all their special
parties involved the two of them fucking like crazy. Bacardi learned to thoroughly enjoy Gino’s sexual
proclivities. His desires eventually became her own.
Bacardi had helped lure lots of women for Gino’s games. She would have them already aroused by the
time Gino magically appeared in the bedroom. Bacardi would expose her charade about being “bi-
curious” and suddenly turn off the charm. Her demeanor would change and she would begin barking
orders; forcing them to comply with Gino, her demanding lover. Too much compliance from a woman,
however, only turned him off. Gino got off fucking unwilling women; those who didn’t want a man popping
up out of nowhere, hogging in on the fun. That is when he would expose the video tapes.
Gino would make them watch the video to see what they looked like when they were sucking Bacardi’s
pussy before he had joined them. Then he would taunt them with vicious words, but in a sexy and
aroused voice. “Ooooh, look at how wet you are. You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you? Wow - you sure
you’ve never eaten pussy before baby because you’re working that tongue like a real pro. Yeah – you
love it don’t you? What do you think the PTA mommies will say about this, huh? You don’t want them to
know what a nasty little cunt you are do you? It’s okay - we’ll keep your secret, you just be a good girl and
do what my baby tells you, okay?” Then Bacardi would demand them to spread their legs so she could
tease their pussy and remind them why they had agreed to meet her in the first place.
Playing the Game
In the beginning, Gino had to do some coaxing in order to get Bacardi to go along with the special parties.
Using his most powerful form of persuasion, he had stood behind her one night, grinding his rock hard
bone against her big ass. As he did this, he fondled her cunt; making her pussy juicy. Bacardi moaned
loudly while he convinced her. Come on baby. Do this for daddy and you KNOW I’ll make you happy that
you did. It’s just a little fun and games baby, that’s all. You can do this for daddy. Be my little party
princess. I need you baby. Gino had assured Bacardi that no one would get hurt, and that when they
were done, the women would keep quiet. She had finally agreed, and once they had played the game
enough to see that Gino was right, Bacardi enjoyed it and bec ame more at ease. She hated admit ting the
fact that she loved the special party games as much as Gino, especially when they had to use
Usually the biggest motivator for the women to comply was the idea of others seeing them in such a
compromising position. While the woman’s mind would try and recover from the shock, Bacardi and Gino
would enjoy having their way with every part of the woman’s body. Before it was all over, Gino and
Bacardi would skillfully use their tongues, hands and everything else, to arouse the helpless wo men.
Their bodies had no choice but to surrender.
By the time they were done, the women didn’t know who to hate more; the couple for taking advantage of
them, or their selves because their bodies actually enjoyed it. Gino got a rush from the fear and
intimidation that blackmail creat es. Sexual coercion on willing participants wasn’t nearly as satisfying as
forcing the women to comply. Both Gino and B acardi found that they enjoyed the games better when they
had to use powers of persuasion.
When women refused to play by the rules, Gino would commission Bacardi to intimidate them and
verbally force them to comply. Bacardi wasn’t really the intimidation type, but Gino didn’t want to be the
one to play that role either. He did, however, find it easy to threat en the women with publicizing the tapes
of them eating pussy; this would usually be enough to make them cooperative. Then Bacardi would do
what she did best; coax them into accepting the situation, encourage them to relax and enjoy it, and