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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

When Anna had entered the sparkling clean bathroom, she saw a stack of fresh, neatly
folded towels on a tall, wire storage shelf; she had politely helped herself to one. There
was a small wastebasket, a clothes hamper, plus two decorative pictures on the wall.
There were also four towel racks, and all four of the fancy looking towel sets hanging
from them looked like “guest” towels. Basically, just like the rest of the house, the
bathroom didn’t have anything more in it, than what was actually needed; everything
was extremely functional. There were three hooks near the shower and three thick white
terry cloth bathrobes hung there; they actually looked like they were new, or not used
very much. It continued to occur to Anna how spacious and clean everything was; the
house didn’t feel all that lived in.
For the house at 6999 Plummet to be so big, it didn’t have a lot of furniture at all.
However, Anna had noticed that the furniture and other items that they did have in the
huge house were tasteful, and expensive. She had stood looking around and
speculating in the large bathroom that she would have killed to have. Maybe they
haven’t lived here long and they’re still settling in. Things still seemed a bit impersonal
to Anna, especially if the two women were really lovers, like she suspected. You would
think two women would have panties, makeup and hair products all over the place.
She hadn’t noticed any of that stuff, in the living room, bathroom or the bedroom. In fact,
other than all the photos on the living room wall, she hadn’t noticed any particularly,
personal items at all. No razors or personal toiletries. Damn! Not even any
toothbrushes! Nasty ass bitches! Anna had not been able to resist pulling open one of
the small drawers on the vanity in the bathroom. It contained nothing but a bunch of
brand new toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste. I stand to be corrected! They have
plenty of toothbrushes!
Before returning to the bedroom, Anna peed, then used some liquid hand soap to rinse
her thong out. First she wrung the wet panties with the dry wash towel she’d taken from
the stack, so it could absorb most of the water. Then she had used some more of the
soap and given herself a quick wash up in the areas where it counted. The water had
felt good to her swollen pussy; it was hungry again and unfulfilled. Anna had held the
warm towel against her pussy and tho ught about the royal treatment Bacardi had given
her in bed with a sponge bath. That was right after her first taste of Bacardi, and just
before they were interrupted by China, crashing the party unannounced. Later, when
Anna had been all too happy to have her Bacardi with a chaser, the three of them had
enjoyed some delicious fun together. All day long, Anna had gotten drunk off of
Bacardi and was in too much of a fog to worry about anything.
But now Anna was beginning to come down and clear her head; Anna wasn’t sure what
to think or to do. For all she knew, she might even be in some type of danger. What if
they were stalkers or something? Anna’s mind just kept spinning and spinning. They
have my head so fucking twisted up now, I can’t even find my way home!