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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

around just turned into snooping. The more curious Anna got, the more observant she
became. While Bacardi and China had been bustling around in the kitchen preparing
pizza and other munchies, Anna had turned into Sherlock Holmes.
What she uncovered had shocked her! From what she could tell, all the bedrooms were
wired with cameras. Once she suspected what was going on, she knew what to look for
because among other things, Shane installed audio video equipment as a part time
profession. Anna had also discovered that the decorative mirrors with the drapes that
she had admired turned out to be two -way mirrors. She had even found Gino’s viewing
Anna wasn’t really sure what she should do with the information, but she thought better
about confronting Bacardi and China about it. She couldn’t even be concerned about
what, if anything, they would do with the videotape that she had no doubts had been
made. All Anna had wanted to do from the moment she had spotted the first camera
was to run!
Instead, she kept her cool when she joined the women fussing around in the kitchen.
They had laid a spread out on the dining room table, consisting of pizza, breadsticks,
hot wings and some of the carrot sticks from earlier. There were also paper plates,
napkins, paper cups, and a brand new 2 liter bottle of 7-up. There was also a small
bowl of ice on the table. As tempting as the scene was to Anna’s hungry stomach that
growled instinctively, she declined their offer to stay and eat. “Seriously you guys, I
have to get home. I have so much to do to get ready for work tomorrow.” She had told
them maybe another time and they had reluctantly walked her to her car.
Another Party Princess
Gino’s Beeker Street party princess met Gino at the front door, and was on his cock
before he could pay the cab driver and grab his bags good. She loved her role as his
special party princess, just like Bacardi and the rest of the women who had worn the
title. Also like Bacardi and all the rest; the Beeker Street princess sincerely believed
that she was the only one to ever wear the title.
At first Gino had been pissed to get the call, begging him to come to Philly when it
wasn’t time for his monthly visit. None of his special princesses were supposed to do
anything without his say so. Beeker Street was beginning to be a problem. The woman
was starting to obsess over him and now, out of nowhere, she got him this special party
“guest” without his go ahead. Gino decided to worry about handling the lack of
obedience later. Right now, his mouth was watering as Gino prepared to enjoy the new
pussy that his princess had just got for him.
He had enjoyed looking at the text message and photo she had sent him of the girl she
had waiting for Gino. Gino had nearly jacked off in the cab, on the way from the airport.
Now he was there and ready to have one of his special parties, only this time he wasn’t