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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Anna was the first one to say she had to call it a night, and asked to use the bathroom
to take a quick shower. If she didn’t shower, she wouldn’t need to tell Shane what she’d
been doing all day. She could just hear him when she came in. Girl, you smell like two
fishes fresh out of water! What the fuck have you been doing, or should I say who the
fuck have you been doing??? If it was one thing that Shane knew, and that was the
smell of a man’s cum. He would surely be able to distinguish the difference. She knew
she must reek of pussy.
When all three of them had first hooked up, it was just early evening and not quite dark.
Now, it was nearly ten at night, and several drinks and joints later. As the three women
hugged and pecked each other on the cheek before departing, you would have thought
they were just regular girlfriends saying goodbye for the night. No one would have
guessed that all three of them were so drunk from all the pussy they had just finished
Bacardi and China wanted to wait with Anna while her Lumina took a few minutes for
the engine to heat up, but she finally got them to go back to the house. She had almost
begged them to go back down the street. “No. You guys please. Go back inside, I’m
fine. Besides it’s cold out here.” Both of them had walked her down the street wearing
nothing but matching white oversized terry cloth robes and house shoes. Even though
the warm spring day had turned into a much cooler night, it really wasn’t that cold
outside. Anna just couldn’t wait for them to leave so she could be alone in the car with
her thoughts. By now, Anna had pretty much concluded that the two women must be
lovers, but besides that, something else was obviously going on in the big house. She
watched them running down the street like two school girls, then turn into the gate,
pulling it behind them. Anna wondered what the deal really was with these women.
All the Unusual Things
On top of all the unusual things that Anna had noticed while in the house on Plummet
Street, the strangest one had actually unnerved her. Anna had discovered something
kind of scary after she had come out the bathroom from her shower. She had forced it
out of her mind, not allowing herself to consider what it meant, until she could sit and
collect her thoughts.
She had actually been poking around in one of the bedrooms, noticing different oddities,
like the uniform color scheme in all the bedrooms, or the absence of makeup, jewelry, or
any other of the nonessential things that usually clutter a woman’s bedroom. Even men
who live alone have a variety of te ll-tale signs lying around to indicate things about the
gender and type of people residing there. Anna found the whole situation unusual.
At first she wasn’t really being nosey; she just thought she might surprise the women
like China had done Bacardi and Anna earlier. Anna was hoping to do a little pussy
party crashing of her own when she came out the shower. Ultimately the looking