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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

The house on Plummet was Gino’s private sex den. It was used for both his sexual gratification as well as
financial gain. The “work” activities and the dark games he referred to as “special parties” were all sex
related. E verything they did gave Gino a chance to use Bacardi however he chose, to satisfy his
sometimes twisted desires. The bedrooms at the house were wired just for such occasions. If the walls
could talk, they would have a hell of a lot to say about the house. Anna knew nothing about what went on
there; she only knew that she was on her way to fill her own deviant desires.
Bacardi and Gino would comb the telephone and internet dating services together, looking for naïve bi -
curious women. Gino target ed specific profiles, choosing women who were so horny to try some pussy,
that Bacardi could easily talk them into meeting her for a taste. Bacardi would seduce them when they
arrived, pretending she was also “curious” about being with a woman. She used her irresistible titties that
they longed desperately to suck on as a form of hy pnotism. Not only would she eat their fresh virgin
lesbian pussies, but she’d have them licking on hers in no time. All the while, Gino was in another room
secretly videotaping the event and jacking off as quietly as he could manage.
Gino had been grooming Bacardi for years to perform for him; he taught her to enjoy his deviations from
conventional sex. They started their games long before Gino had purchased “the house”. The house just
gave him an opport unity to establish some order to his less than ordinary life. Bacardi lived for Gino and
Gino lived for the special parties he enjoyed so much, and watching the tapes that resulted from the
parties. He and Bac ardi would watch tapes that they made of unsuspecting women while they fucked like
animals with the video playing in the background. Each new sex game at the house enabled Bacardi a
chance to taste new pussy on a regular basis. Gino had 3 big -screen televisions specifically for the
purpose of watching the tapes.
Pretty soon, watching the tapes weren’t enough. Gino wanted to be closer to see the live action. That’s
when he came up with the idea of the two-way mirrors. Instead of looking at a monit or, he could get a full
view of the live action right in front of his face.
Creating the Game
E vent ually, they escalated from Gino secretly watching the show live, to him actually getting in on the act .
He especially enjoyed fucking and sucking on the women himself while Bacardi held them down. He also
liked to hold them down while Bacardi ate them from front to back. He loved it more when the women
submitted to him but did so against their will. He didn’t like hookers or women who were simply willing to
play a role. Gino wanted the real thing. He needed the feeling of power and control that he received from
forced submission. Gino’s gratification came from raping a woman’s mind while her body submitted
willingly. His greatest desire and pleasure revolved around a woman claiming she didn’t want it while her
body clearing showed that she did!
Gino didn’t care for physical force, but he did need the women to feel intimidated; completely helpless to
surrender to his will. If he felt they needed a little extra coercion, he would allow his willing accomplice,
usually Bacardi, to “enforce” the party rules and even insist on party “favors”. That was his name for the
alcohol and drugs the women were often given. Many of the women had indulged in the party favors by
choice when they thought it was just going to be them and Bacardi. Some even brought their own
marijuana, ecstasy, or even coke. They would sometimes need additional encouragement later if they
were too resistant to the “party rules.”
Gino didn’t particularly approve of the weed, ecstasy or coke on a personal level; a semi-drugged and
actively compliant woman was okay though. Gino considered himself above hitting a woman to make her
fuck him. He detested fucking a drugged out corpse or a woman beaten into submission. The idea was
too big a blow to his ego. He believed that if he had access to a resistant woman long enough, that she
would give in and love fucking his huge cock. Instead of violence, Gino w orked on perfecting his sexual
seduction techniques.