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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

were compliant. China laid her head back on the bed and waited obediently for
whatever Bacardi wanted to do to her.
Something Special for China
Anna also obeyed, and scooted her body so her ass wasn’t near enough to China’s face
for her to get tempted and eat her. Bacardi had grabbed the bowl of peaches and set it
on the bed, out of the way. She reached over for it and took one of the long peach
slices out. She put one partially in her mouth and leaned toward Anna, who gladly tried
to suck on the other end with her. Without trying to, Anna sucked the whole peach, and
it disappeared in her mouth. Bacardi kissed her lips, allowing some of the juice to trickle
into her mouth from the peach. Anna chewed it up and grinned, and Bacardi laughed
and said: “That wasn’t quite what I had in mind Anna.” Bacardi repeated the action, but
this time Anna was careful not to gobble the peach up. She placed her own lips on
Bacardi’s just right. Simultaneously, the two of them sucked on the peach then they
kissed while transferring it between their mouths. After a while, it was Bacardi who
chomped the peach up.
China wiggled her body impatiently, in order to remind them she was still there. Bacardi
took another peach, and told Anna, “Spread her cunt open wide for me baby. That’s
right, good and wide baby.” Anna had China’s fat pussy lips open so wide that her inner
walls were exposed. “Good girl baby”, she encouraged Anna as Anna held China’s lips
open, but still managed to continually graze her clit also. China squealed and begged
for more. “Oh yes! I like that! I loooove that!” Anna instinctively bent down to enjoy a
taste of the inviting clit, but Bacardi wouldn’t let her. “No! Hold on baby. She’s been
bad so she has to wait! Just keep her pussy open!” As Anna did what she was told,
China squirmed and groaned her disappointment, until Bacardi took the peach she was
holding and began to pry it into China’s wide open cunt.
Bacardi did the peach sticking out of China’s wet hole the same as she had done the
peach in her and Anna’s mouth. This time, the other end of the peach was inside
China’s pussy hole, and she loved it. Bacardi licked and sucked and pulled on the
peach between China’s legs, until she had sucked it back out completely, and let it slide
in her mouth. Then she repeated the actions again, each time driving China a little bit
more crazy.
Bacardi went to reach for another peach, and discovered one lone carrot that had found
its way into the bowl. She took the carrot and began playing and probing China’s pussy
hole, in and out, in and out. With each slide in she made sure it went just a little bit
deeper, until the short 3 inch carrot couldn’t go anymore. Anna watched hungrily;
Bacardi took the carrot from China’s dripping cunt, and put it in Anna’s mouth. “Suck it.”
she commanded, and Anna sucked every inch of China’s cum off the carrot. While she
did, Bacardi finished licking and cleaning between China’s thighs, where she had finally
exploded and climaxed all over herself.