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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

simply using her whole hand to massage the space between her legs, instead of
working busily inside her pussy like she had done earlier.
Anna had been to the restroom to pee and take a quick wash off; she had also rinsed
her thong out quickly. When she got back into the bedroom, she went over to the
closet, right next to the bedroom mirror, so she could hang the damp thong on the
doorknob. She had been wondering more and more if Bacardi and this China woman
was really a lesbian couple. Tempted to check out their wardrobe to see how many
people shared the closet, she had turned the doorknob, but it wouldn’t turn; it was
locked. Who in the fuck locks the closet door in their o wn bedroom?
Anna had pondered the question, even though she knew she sometimes felt like locking
her own closet door at home, from Shane’s kleptomaniac ass. Look bitch, stay out of
my fucking blouses without asking Shane. I’m tired of you dirtying my shit up then, not
bothering to wash it! Anna gave Bacardi the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe
she had a similar problem with China. She really doubted if that explained the locked
closet door, especially since China was too small for Bacardi’s clothes. Anna told
herself that it was odd, but it didn’t matter. There must be a good reason for the locked
closet; then she hung the thong on the doorknob and went to lie on the bed. She had
nearly dozed off, waiting for Bacardi to come back to the room. When Bacardi finally
returned, Anna looked up and peered at Bacardi through slightly irritated eyes.
Another Taste
As Bacardi stood looking down at Anna, Anna stopped massaging herself, but didn’t
bother to move her hand from between her thighs. Bacardi lay down on top of her, but
not before she removed Anna’s hand away from her pussy and out of the way. When
Bacardi stretched out on top of Anna, she attempted to line their wet and hungry
pussies up together. She wanted to fuck her good and make up for having left Anna
alone in the bedroom so long.
Bacardi rested her weight on both arms, which were positioned on either side of Anna’s
shoulders. She made slow grinds; maneuvering her much fatter pussy on Anna’s fleshy
mound. Staring down into Anna’s eyes, Bacardi began to grind just a little bit faster.
She felt both their pussies moistening up. Anna realized that Bacardi was preparing to
do to her, what Anna had dreamed of doing to Bacardi first. Damn! Great minds think
alike! Before Bacardi could work her body into a steady rhythmic motion, Anna had
done her famous flip over movement and was maneuvering her way on top of Bacardi.
Their positions were reversed and Anna was looking down in Bacardi’s face now. The
two of them started laughing, and in that moment a warm feeling transferred between
them. Damn, I like this girl! They both thought it, and this time, the feeling had nothing
to do with either of their pussies.