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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Bacardi’s house. If she did, she would have cum in her panties long before she finally met the sexy voice
on the other end of the phone.
Fight to Stay Dry
Before arriving, Anna had dri ven down the street fighting off thoughts about what the blind date would be
like. She willed her pussy to stay dry so her panties wouldn’t smell like fresh cum. Anna had to keep the
skimpy red panties nice and fresh, just in case the woman decided to do s ome exploring down there. She
wondered if Bacardi might like the smell of fresh cum. When Anna pulled into an int ersection to make a
right turn, she briefly considered the idea. If Bacardi is anything lik e she was on the phone the other night,
she probably lik es the smell AND the taste of cum. At least I fuck ing hope so!
It was a late spring afternoon so Anna drove with the window down. The warm California sun on her thigh
only amplified Anna’s sensual mood. During the rest of the drive to Bacardi’s house, she tried to focus on
the weather and anything else she could think of. Damn, I know this summer will be a scorcher cause it’s
already hot for April. She turned the radio up loudly, hoping to drown out thoughts about pussy and cum.
She pretended not to think about how she was actually the one that was turned on by the smell of hot wet
pussy. Admittedly, the only pussy she had ever smelled was her own, but she had a feeling that wouldn’t
be the case for long.
When she finally turned on to the street that Bacardi lived on, her stomach filled with butterflies. Through
her nervousness, she scrutinized the area and made an observation. Unlike the residential district where
she lived, there were no apartment buildings in this neighborhood. The street was excepti onally wide and
all the homes on the block sat back several yards from the curb. It appeared to be a neighborhood of
modest income homes.
Midway down the block, Anna spotted the number 6999 on an old fashioned mailbox. The mailbox stood
on a post behind a tall but unintimidating wire fence. A wide grassy front yard separated the house from
the sidewalk and a high row of hedges bordered both sides.
This was the address the woman had given her when they made their arrangements to get together.
Anna’s hands began to tremble slightly on the steering wheel and her heart did a flip flop. Oh fuck! I can’t
believe this is finally happening! She dismissed the idea that she might actually be dreaming, and gripped
the steering wheel tightly to make sure she was really there.
Although you couldn’t tell it from the outside, something decadent was always going on inside the place
that the occupants simply referred to as “the house”. Because the house sat back off the street and the
neighborhood was nice and quiet, it was easy to come and go discreetly. The hedges on both sides, of
the driveway were an added bonus. When it came to the house on 6999 Plummet Street, no one would
believe all the lustful activities that went on there.
Bacardi’s Lover
Anna was going to the house to see a woman she only knew as “Bacardi”. Bacardi Sullivan, occupied the
house with Gino, but it wasn’t their actual living residence. Gino was Bacardi’s lover, and more or less her
sex master. They didn’t necessary fall into the standard definition of what is typically viewed as “sex slave
and master”, but Bacardi played a submissive role in order to hold on to Gino’s cock.