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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

China grinned at Bacardi. She put one finger to her temple and pretended like she was
thinking and trying to make up her mind. “Hmmm, let me see. So if I go in the room
and behave myself like a good girl, I get what? To watch you two fuck? That won’t do
nothing for me but wet my pussy and piss me off!” Bacardi noticed the way China kept
staring at her titties, and not even bothering to hide the fact. Bacardi’s nipples began to
rise again under her stare.
China always wished that she had the freedom to enjoy Bacardi’s luscious milk jugs, the
way the other women they brought to the house did. She knew Gino didn’t want China
fucking his little Bacardi, but Gino was a thousand miles away. She groped one of
Bacardi’s titties and squeezed it with the hand that wasn’t holding her drink. Then she
let the hand trail down to Bacardi’s pussy and probed her for a few seconds. China
removed the finger and stuck it in her mouth, sucking longingly on the tip. She said in a
throaty voice, “I’ll do it if you s weeten the pot.”
Bacardi agreed to her and China’s little pussy pact. With the deal clenched, Bacardi
was finally free to get back to Anna in the bedroom. Bacardi was going to have to fuck
China later, after China was done viewing Anna and Bacardi in the 2-way mirror.
Bacardi promised to let China eat her pussy, but only if she watched quietly and stayed
put until Anna left. China could finally have Bacardi all to herself, with no one else
around, least of all Gino. Bacardi really didn’t have a problem with the idea.
Since she had already broken Gino’s stated rules for her pussy, why not fuck China
too? This time Bacardi would be totally coherent and remember exactly how it felt
between China’s white creamy thighs. With Gino out of town, they could even stay
there at the house instead of going home. Besides, Anthony would probably be home
at China’s house. No matter how late China dragged in at night, Anthony rarely went to
bed without her. Bacardi considered that China might tell Anthony about what they had
done together, but then again, she seriously doubted it.
Bacardi toyed with the idea of going to turn on a tape and videoing her and Anna; then
she could lay back and look at it while China collected on the deal. Bacardi knew she
would get hungry again for Anna later tonight, long after the woman had gone home.
She imaged China eating her pussy, while a picture of Anna’s wet twat flashed on the
big 42 inch screen. No. I can’t fucking risk having that kind of evidence around.
There’s NO way Gino wouldn’t somehow find it! Bacardi changed her mind about
making the video, and reminded China to be quiet when she went into the viewing
room. Then she left so she could get back to Anna.
Unanswered Questions
Bacardi had already peeled her robe back off before she entered the bedroom where
Anna was still laying. She slung the robe on the floor and walked over to the bed ; she
stood between Anna’s already wide-spread legs still hanging off the bed. Anna was