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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

beginning to amass a lot of all three. The way Gino handled business; that meant
everyone was getting paid.
Future Plans for China
Bacardi didn’t want Gino to find out about Anna, but she wasn’t ready for Anna to leave
yet either. With Gino out of town and Anna in her bed right now, all she could think
about was getting back between those sweet thighs. But first she had to deal with
China’s ass. She loved her friend. But that bitch can be crazy when she’s fucked up.
Bacardi knew she could reason with China tomorrow, when she wasn’t full of alcohol
and weed. They would probably hop in the Mustang and go shopping, then out to lunch
somewhere nice. I’ll buy her ass a nice pair of boots and matching purse and she’ll be
putty in my hands. Bacardi was convinced that her plan to bribe China would keep her
from telling Gino. Even with all her own money, China could never resist a good
shopping spree. All Bacardi had to do was get her to keep quiet for now, so Bacardi
could go back to her lusty fun.
The last thing Bacardi wanted was for China to scare Anna off. She had a lot more
plans for that pussy. Bacardi gave in, and made a deal with China. “Go into the
viewing area from the other room and watch us from there.” Bacardi wasn’t shy by any
means; but for some reason, she didn’t want her and Anna to have an audience. She
was annoyed that the only way to get China to behave was to give the bitch a view.
Bacardi lowered her, voice, even though she knew Anna couldn’t hear them from the
back bedroom. “Come on China. Do me this one favor. You know I’ll make it up to you
girlfriend, and I’ll tell you all about what’s up with me and her later on. It’s really just like
I said. I’m just having a little fun with Gino out of town. Do this for me and I’ll owe you
big time!”
China was feeling tipsy from the alcohol, plus she had smoked a joint before changing
clothes and coming over. It was such a nice spring day outside, she had changed out
of the shirt, jeans and boots she had on originally, and put on the shorts, halter top and
flip flops that she had packed for Vegas. She had also packed everything she needed
for her Vegas client’s massage session, which she ended up having to cancel. Now
that the trip to Vegas was off, she was left with nothing to do but get high and get
fucked, so according to her calculations, she was half-way there.
The Pussy Pact
Although she tried hard not to, China suddenly became aware of Bacardi’s naked body
in front of her. She couldn’t help being reminded of the one time she’d gotten a taste of
Bacardi because Roxie had pulled a sneaky move with a tab of ecstasy. Gino had been
furious, but nothing could undo what had already been done; China had finally done
what she had wanted to do ever since Gino brought her home to meet Bacardi. China
thought about it now, and wondered; since Gino is out of town, could this be a chance to
have her way with Bacardi again?