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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

woman say. But other than the lightweight blackmail schemes and massage gigs,
Anthony’s kinks were limited to him and China’s private bedroom. He even wanted
Gino to give him all the tapes Gino had of China with former marks that had already
paid their extortion fee. Gino had a rule about never going back to double blackmail a
past mark. So the tapes weren’t kept for business purposes, they were for Gino’s
personal enjoyment.
Gino’s rules and routines actually helped to make their sexual blackmail schemes
successful. They never got greedy by asking an unattainable amount, and they never
returned to extort the same person again. As a show of good faith, Gino provided the
used up mark with the original tape. She went away, and that was the end of that (with
the exception of the one extra copy he kept for private use).
Anthony knew about Gino’s little private viewings with Bacardi. China had let it slip
about how Gino had a personal library collection of every kind of pussy under the sun,
including China’s. She apparently didn’t consider it a big deal that Gino had tapes of
her having her pussy eaten, but Anthony did. He didn’t even know that Gino had
installed a camera in the massage room where China did most of her solo massage
work. The room was exclusively for their massage sessions, not the other sex
schemes; which were done in the master bedroom. That had been their arrangement
when Anthony gave his share of the down payment on the house.
Anthony’s China Doll
One day, Anthony had got the nerve to tell Gino that he wanted the tapes of China. It
was obvious from his tone that Gino had no intentions of giving Anthony anything.
Sure man, no problem. I’ll just give them to China and you can get them from her
dude.” When Anthony approached China about it a few days later, China had cursed
Anthony out and told him: “Don’t worry about who’s watching my pussy. If you not
careful, YOU won’t be looking at it much longer! “ Anthony had never brought the issue
up again; or any other question having to do with her unique relationship with Gino.
Anthony was known to go out of his way to please his “China doll”, much like Bacardi
did when it came to Gino. If one of China’s massage clients wanted an extra pair of
hands; preferably masculine, the couple would work together. China wouldn’t allow
Anthony to fuck the clients, but they could rub, lick and suck him to their hearts and his
cock’s desire.
China and Anthony shared most things with one another; that is, at least he was aware
of the seduction and blackmail schemes that seemed harmless enough. Anthony didn’t,
however, know about the special parties involving a lot more sex and a little extra
convincing. Gino used Anthony to handle the business end of things. He was able to
help Gino create a legitimate front business. Anthony made them able to justify
everything resulting from the ill gotten gains, including money, property and
possessions. Gino„s unconventional business dealings were so successful, he was