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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

In fact, when she thought about it, Bacardi was able to see a lot of the same traits in
both China and Gino.
Silent Partners
Bacardi looked at China sipping on her Moscato and for a brief moment Bacardi’s mind
wasn’t on Anna, lying naked in the bedroom. She wondered if China and Anthony were
truly happy. They always seemed to be, but then again, people probably thought that
about her and Gino. Lately Bacardi had been asking the same question about her own
life. She wasn’t even really sure what had first prompted her to listen to some of the
telephone ads, without Gino. It may have been the fact that it finally dawned on
Bacardi; there was very little in life that she actually did on her own. Responding to
Anna’s ad was a way for Bacardi to finally do something of her own choosing, for a
Bacardi hoped it wouldn’t be difficult for her to conceal the whole Anna incident form
Gino. Normally, she didn’t like keeping secrets because they always made her nervous
that she would be found out. As far as Bacardi knew, aside from his previous life
growing up with China, Gino’s actions were an open book. She liked feeling that way,
that she knew him through and through, even if it meant knowing we was fucking other
women. To Bacardi, that just showed how much he cared for her, to expose his true
self like that. None of those bitches matter to him. I’M his party princess. They could
never have what me and Gino have. They could never even kno w or understand it.
Nobody can!
In truth, the majority of the time, Gino didn’t care enough to lie; unless telling the truth
meant negative consequences for him specifically. He could care less about lying to
spare someone’s feelings. He would barely go out of his way to conceal certain things
from Anthony about the business. The only reason he made a half-ass attempt was
because China wanted it that way; other than that, Gino could give a fuck. They were
joined in business, so he wasn’t worried about Anthony disrupting anything. Therefore,
it didn’t matter whether Anthony knew about certain aspects of the business and
disapproved or not. Bacardi used to wonder if Anthony decided to walk away and take
China with him, would she choose Anthony over staying in Gino’s life.
Gino and Anthony were actually silent partners, although Anthony only had one quarter
ownership of the house on Plummet Street. However, the deed was in his name, and
he was responsible for making sure everything always had the appearance of being on
the up and up. Anthony was a strait-laced looking young black businessman, and he
made a damn good point of playing the part. China used to worry about what Anthony
would say if he knew Gino was damn near holding women hostage for pussy. Anthony
better not ever find out about their little fuck fests. China knew that Anthony would be
ready to bailout on everything that he and Gino had invested together. That could
actually turn into a really sticky situation.
Bacardi knew how crazy China was over her tall lean stud. She imagined that Anthony
was just a big a sex freak as China, given some of the things that she’d heard the