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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

against it and allowed Anna to fondle her titties and grind on her inviting ass. She
thought about Anna still in the bedroom and said to China impatiently, “So what’s up?
What are you getting into now? You got something going on today?” Bacardi hoped
China hadn’t decided to schedule a massage appointment at the house since her Vegas
trip was called off. If Gino was heading to Philadelphia, he’d probably be gone all week
instead of just for the night. She was anxious to get back and continue exactly where
she had left off with Anna. First I have to get rid of China’s nosey ass!
China took another gulp of liquor and grinned at Bacardi. “No. I just stopped by to pick
up one of my toys before going to the house. Since I’m off, I thought me and Anthony
might have a little fun of our own tonight. He loves it when I fuck him in the ass with
BOB!” The two women laughed and Bacardi pictured China bent over her tall lanky
boyfriend, fucking him in the ass with her favorite Battery Operated Buddy. Bacardi
wasn’t sure if China was kidding or not about the handsome black man who was as
dark as China was light. She considered the possibility for a moment. You never kno w
about those quiet ones.
China’s Real Toy
Bacardi wouldn’t have been surprised if China and Anthony did play those types of sex
games. She had come to realize that you never knew exactly what things people were
doing in their private sex lives. As far as she knew, Anthony wasn’t bisexual, but she
wondered would China have eve n cared if he was. China may have had several BOBs,
but Anthony was China’s real toy. She kept his dick on lock down when it came to
fucking other women, even if she did allow them to kiss, lick and suck it, just to see what
they were missing.
China was crazy about her sexy little chocolate drop and Bacardi assumed that she
kept his dick happy. Anthony Hardison was 28 years old and seven years China’s
junior. He was young with lots of stamina and more than able to keep up with her in
bed. Anthony brought an interesting dynamic to their little group. He had an easy
relaxed manner that was just the opposite of Gino’s constantly on edge personality.
China had been infatuated with him when they first met two years earlier, but infatuation
didn’t usually last long with her. What remained after two years was a comfortable
understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes; although the only ones that seemed to
count were China’s. In addition to the solo female massages that she provided,
Anthony sometimes helped China provide a couple massage; one without him getting to
fuck anyone but her.
China didn’t normally have to keep her leash on men too tight. They knew their
boundaries, and once they stepped outside of them, that was it, they were out.
Somehow Anthony seemed to really get that concept, even though he apparently had
never tested it. Bacardi imagined that Anthony loved the life he lived with this hot,
exciting, and sexually liberated older woman. If that wasn’t enough appeal, China lived
for money and she never went without it; by extension, anyone she gave half a damn
about benefited from being in her life. She was very generous that way, just like Gino.