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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

fucked out of a trip to Vegas. I’m pissed, even if it was only business. I had to cancel
with my client. So what’s up your ass – Ooops! I mean what’s up with your ass?”
Bacardi laughed and her nervousness started to subside. “Fuck you bitch, nothing’s UP
my ass. You’re so crazy.” China had a talent for using humor to put people at ease and
it wasn’t lost on Bacardi now. She began to relax, but she suspected it had more to do
with the news that Gino was hundreds of miles in the air. Good. I don’t have to rush
Anna off! Now to get rid of China.
Strange Relations
For eight long years, Bacardi and Gino had been feeding each other’s twisted desires.
No one knew that better than China. Other than Bacardi, no one was closer to Gino
than China. Sometimes Bacardi felt like Gino and China were even closer than they let
on. Bacardi could never really put her finger on why she had that feeling. Gino had
never displayed any interest in fucking China, that Bacardi could see, even though he
watched China with women on the work videos they made.
Gino had always made it clear to Bacardi that he’s allowed to eat pussy and fuck
whoever and whenever he wanted. Since she was already accepting him on those
terms, he really had no reason to lie if he was fucking China. No, it’s something else
with them. I guess they really do see each other as family but they sure are a
dysfunctional one. Bacardi supposed that in his own way, Gino must love China like a
sister, although he didn’t have a problem looking at her naked. All Bacardi knew for
sure was that when it came to China, Gino sometimes had a way of making her feel
excluded. Bacardi wondered if Anthony felt the same way about China, when it came to
China leaned against the cabinet sipping the straight shot of Bacardi she had just
poured with no ice. She was a few inches taller than Bacardi, the same as Anna. But
while Bacardi and Anna were thick and meaty, China was slim and athletic looking. Her
skin was a pale white, in contrast to Bacardi’s brownish features.
From first glance, China looked like your stereotypical white girl, with long strawberry
blonde hair that hung down her back. She had a cute little button nose and sparkly
eyes like a kid. Her dimples were barely visible when she smiled, although she smiled a
lot. China looked liked the sweetest and most innocent, almost hippie type white girl.
But when she opened her mouth to speak, her slangs and mannerisms clearly revealed
that she spent a lot of time around more colorful individuals. Not only that; when she
wanted to, China could be a real bitch, even if she did do it in a joking way. When she
wanted to, she used her sharp wit to cut you like a knife!
Looking for B.O.B
The cabinet China was leaning against was actually the same one Bacardi had leaned
against earlier, right before she’d given Anna her first taste of Bacardi. She had stood