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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

At one point China and Gino had went their separate ways, but they stayed in contact
with one another. Gino met Bacardi when he was 30, and Bacardi was all of 23 years
old. Before Bacardi came along, China was the closest thing to family that Gino had.
China loved him dearly, in spite of realizing that just like her, Gino was fucked up in the
head when it came to woman, relationships, sex and love. China could really see it in
the way that Gino dealt with Bacardi.
Where’s Gino
“Bacardi, what the fuck are you thinking? If Gino had come up in here and caught you
instead of me, your ass would be grass bitch!” China held a partly filled bottle of
Moscato in her hand and was preparing to fix herself a drink. Judging from the way her
body swayed slightly, it wasn’t her first one today. Although the words China spoke
were harsh, she spoke in a joking tone, and with a touch of concern. China knew that
Gino would never actually hit Bacardi, but he did have a mean streak. He knew exactly
what buttons to push to punish her. She was surprised to come home and interrupt
Bacardi in the middle of whatever pussy she had in the back room. Gino and China
were supposed to be out of town for the night, and Bacardi was supposed to be at home
lining up some new work prospects for them.
Gino and Bacardi lived across town in a duplex. China and her boyfriend Anthony lived
right next door to them. Bacardi rarely, if ever came to the house that they were now
standing in without Gino. If she did, she was just there for a hot minute. It was unusual
to see her there like that, without him. Bacardi had all her titties hanging out of the short
robe that she was half-way wearing. In her haste to throw something on, she had put
the robe on inside out. China pinched one of Bacardi’s rock solid nipples through the
thin material and said, “Looks like somebody’s been having a good time.” She said the
words like a dirty old man propositioning a virgin.
“Knock it off China”, Bacardi brushed the woman’s hand away in annoyance, still
worried that Gino might walk in any minute. “Why are you here? You guys are
supposed to be in Vegas. And where is Gino?” The questions nervously poured out of
Bacardi’s mouth, and a look of fear was in her worried eyes. The last thing Bacardi
needed was for Gino to come in and discover Anna in the other room. He would be
pissed that Bacardi dared to suck a pussy that he didn’t somehow have a vested
interest in. In the last eight years that the two of them had been together, Gino had
personally profited from every single orgasm that Bacardi had. That was how long ago
it had been that Bacardi had entered into their strange symbiotic relationship. The two
of them fed off each other’s desires.
Worried that Gino might be there soon, Bacardi decided to return to the bedroom to
hurry and rush Anna out the house. As if she was reading her mind, China said, “Don’t
worry about Gino girlfriend. I just put his crazy ass on a plane to Philly. He got a phone
call and had to change plans at the last minute. He’s on his way to take care of some
business but he didn’t go into it. You know how your man is girl. So anyway, I just got