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China and Gino
China had been introduced to Bacardi as Gino’s foster sister but Gino and China had
also been partners in crime. When Bacardi first met Gino, it took nearly a year before
he even brought Bacardi around China. When they did finally meet, he told Bacardi
very little about China or their life growing up together. With no further explanation,
Bacardi had left the issue alone. By that time, she knew Gino well enough to know not
to press him for information he didn’t bother to volunteer. Months of piecing things
together eventually gave Bacardi an idea about the kind of childhood they had together.
China had actually spent her entire childhood in foster care. China’s mother had given
her up at birth, without ever looking back. She lived with the same foster family for the
first 5 years of her life, but they never adopted her. When the family relocated to
another state without taking China with them, she began getting bounced around the
As a child, all China Parker ever wanted was someone to love her enough to give her a
new last name, but it never happened. She eventually developed serious attachment
issues and began to “act out sexually” at a young age. Not only did this prevent her
from ever being adopted, but it made her a prime target for sexual abuse. She learned
to expect it at each home that the courts dropped her into. The last foster home was
when China was 12 years old. Except for meeting Gino there, it was no different from
the rest of the abusive homes. He had been living with the hellish people that they
nicknamed “the fake family” for nearly 3 years.
Just like the other 6 kids in the home, including China, Gino had suffered physical and
verbal abuse there. As Gino approached manhood, he meticulously plotted his
departure, if not his escape. At age 16, Gino ran away from the foster home and took
China with him. The two lived on the streets together and went through an ordeal, just
to survive. Bacardi was not quite clear on what all they had suffered, but she k new it
had made both of their hearts a little black. It had also created a strange bond between
To those who knew them, China’s dark side to her personality was not as apparent as
Gino’s. Gino’s personality was always serious and stern, with a permanent scowl on his
handsome and rugged face. By contrast, China was bubbly, funny and always happy;
using humor to mask any pain. Bacardi would often find herself being envious of the
closeness that Gino seemed to reserve only for China.
Gino and China never bothered to share the details about their short-lived attempts at
fucking each other when they were young. Neither of them had been physically up to
the task; neither was emotionally ready for the world of sexual coercion that they were
both thrust into. Bacardi knew that Gino did not like talking about whatever had
transpired during the early years that he grew up with China. China was family, and
that was that. Gino went out of his way to protect and take care of her, just as he had
when they were young.