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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

dipped the towel back into the warm water and returned it to Anna’s pussy area, both
women would let out an “Ummmmm!” Bacardi did a thorough job of making sure not to
leave any soap residue, especially on between Anna’s legs. Then she dropped the
washcloth in the container a final time and left it there. She reached up for both their
glasses and handed Anna hers.
The two women drank the 7-up down thirstily while staring over the top of the glass at
one another. They lowered the glasses from their lips and Anna instinctively leaned
over and planted a light kiss on Bacardi’s plump lips. At least it began as a light kiss.
When Bacardi gently parted her lips, Anna’s tongue had darted inside before she knew
it. In the next instant, they were tonguing and exploring each other’s hot and hungry
mouth. Bacardi stopped long enough to take both their glasses and set them back on
top of the headboard. As they embraced, her lips sought Anna’s again.
Bacardi used the hand that she wasn’t leaning on to squeeze and pluck Anna’s erect
nipples that were begging for attention. She removed her mouth from Anna’s so she
could lower her head and seize a nipple with her teeth. Anna let out a squeal of pain
and pleasure that sent a shiver of excitement through Bacardi. “Oooh you love that too
don’t you baby?” Bacardi whispered in a husky voice, not expecting an answer.
Bacardi made a mental note of Anna’s reaction to the bite she had just given her, then
she began sucking on the titty and rolling it around in her mouth. Anna squirmed under
her lips, arching her back and shoving more of the fleshy mound into Bacardi’s mouth.
A disappointed groan escaped from Anna’s lips; Bacardi had removed her mouth from
the glistening wet nipple. “Open your legs – WIDE”, Bacardi commanded in a low voice
that clearly said she meant business. Bacardi realized that subconsciously she was
using techniques on Anna that she used in her and Gino’s sex games. She knew that
she was too used to Gino coaching her and giving orders while she ate pussy. Whether
they were working a sex scheme on a woman for money or having a special sex party
purely for fun, she followed Gino’s lead. Now Bacardi found herself demanding sex in
the same way that he instructed. Bacardi tried to push the realization out of her mind; it
bothered her to think of Anna like one of her and Gino’s many “marks”. Gino don’t need
to know nothing about her. I got other things in mind for this pussy.
Bacardi moved back and gave Anna some room to reposition herself. Without saying a
word, Anna willingly obeyed and drew her knees up almost to her chest; then she
opened her legs and let them drop to the bed. Her legs were spread wide and her clit
peeked out from the half shaven pussy. By now, it was wet again and her pussy tongue
was glistening just like her wet nipple.
Pussy Interrupted
Bacardi lay on her stomach, between Anna’s spread eagle legs, preparing to service
her properly. From the position she was in, Anna couldn’t reach Bacardi’s ass, breasts
or pussy comfortably. All she could do was lean back against the headboard and allow
Bacardi to satisfy her. Bacardi took both hands and parted Anna’s pussy lips wide,