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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

All characters and events that are portra yed in this book/series are purely a work of
fiction. Any similarities or resemblances to real persons, rather living or dead is
completely coincidental and not the author’s intent.
First Taste of Bacardi
Anna sat in the huge living room that was barely furnished and tried to appear calmer than she felt. Her
heart was pounding fiercely underneat h the slinky, sleeveless dress. Despite her nervous tension, Anna
felt a familiar throbbing bet ween her legs. She cursed her pussy for threatening to mess up th e new satin
thong she was wearing. She had only put the panties on less than thirty minutes earlier, following a long
leisure shower. During the drive to her destination she forced herself not to think about where she was
going or what she hoped to do when she got there. She couldn’t allow herself to fantasize on the way to