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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

escape Gino’s cock! She stared at herself in the mirror but Gino’s eyes stared back at
Bacardi pulled out a box from underneath the sink and took out a nice size vibrator; but
it was nowhere near as big as Gino. She unwrapped it from the cloth she had it in and
let it glide into her more than willing slit, then she turned it on full power. She hoped
Anna couldn’t hear the soft humming sound of the vibrator. She muffled her own low
moans with a clean towel from off the shower caddy. Bacardi thrust the vibrator in and
out of her pussy the way Gino did his cock. It wasn’t the same, but it had to do for now.
She needed Gino. His image came into view in the mirror. Oooooh Gino. Yes baby.
That’s my dick. That’s my dick. That’s my dick.
Before she got a bowl from the cabinet where the vibrator was kept, and filled it with
hand soap and water, she had to wash her pussy again. She didn’t want Anna to know
what she’d been doing, thanks to the battery operated buddy and visions of Gino
pumping her from behind. Bacardi had only used it for a minute, but the big plastic dick
had been enough to give her the quick dose of Gino that she needed. The toy didn’t
even come close to her lover’s dick as far as the: look, feel, or expertise, but it reminded
her of all the times Gino had watched her use it on herself. He even had a way of using
it to fuck her with it; maneuvering it like it was his own big cock, almost! There was no
doubt that she still wanted Anna’s waiting pussy, but she also longed to feel Gino’s
manly meat fill her up inside. When it came to Gino’s dick, Bacardi’s pussy stayed in a
constant state of arousal. She kept the vibrator in the bathroom for those sudden Gino
urges that her hungry cunt demanded filling. Her pussy was addicted to Gino’s cock.
Royal Treatment
Anna had waited, not so patiently for Bacardi on the bed while she had been pleasuring
herself with the fake dick. A few times Anna had grazed her sore nipples with the palm
of her hands to see if they could truly be as erect as they felt. She wondered where
Bacardi was, and should she get up and go find her. She needed her neglected titties
sucked again! What the fuck is she doing? Just as she considered getting up out the
bed, Bacardi was back in the room, ready to lavish her with attention.
Bacardi started the seductive sponge bath, lifting Anna’s modest titties; wiping them and
fondling them at the same time. Bacardi was proud of her own D cup size, but Anna
was definitely proof that a mouthful is enough. Her ample C cup breasts were gorgeous
and definitely enticing to the eyes. While she wiped Anna’s stomach with one hand, she
held on to one of her nipples with the other and continued fondling and pinching it.
Anna just leaned against the headboard and enjoyed the tingling sensation in her
nipples and the feel of the soapy wet washcloth on her skin.
After dipping the towel in the bowl several times and squeezing it out, she returned the
hot towel to Anna’s body. When she laid the warm rag on Anna’s half shaven pussy,
Anna moaned in delight. She spread her thighs slightly and allowed Bacardi to bathe
her between her legs and wipe up and down her inner thighs. Each time Bacardi