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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

round areolas with the giant chocolate chips in the center were in rare form. Anna’s
pussy beat like a heart and both set of her lips began to salivate. Damn! How in the
world can I want to have her this much again, so soon after what we just did??? She
thought about it and realized there was still a whole lot more s he wanted to do to
Bacardi. They hadn’t even bumped pussies yet. That was the main thing she had
wanted to experience with a woman; that and of course, sucking some sweet titties.
She had already done plenty of that so far!
Anna reached up and set her drink next to Bacardi’s, and couldn’t wait for her to crawl
back into bed with her. Suddenly, she no longer wanted the 7-up. The only thing she
wanted to drink was Bacardi; right after she gorged herself on the rock hard nipples that
she had to fight to keep from biting off. Then she wanted to fuck the woman, pussy to
pussy, like she had always dreamed of doing.
When she finally came back into the bedroom nearly ten minutes later, Bacardi sat
down on the bed with a plastic container that resembled a mixing bowl. She had been
in the bathroom taking a quick wash up. Now she had a face towel and some hot soapy
water to do the same for Anna. “I thought you forgot about me”, Anna said only half
seriously when Bacardi came over to the bed. “No, never that. I just wanted to freshen
up a little. I thought you might want to also.” Anna looked at the items Bacardi was
holding and attempted to take them from her hands. Bacardi shooed her hands away
and said, “Uuuh un babe, I got this. You just lay back and enjoy it, okay?” Anna
realized she was about to get the royal treatment, and was more than happy to do what
she was told.
Bacardi smiled at Anna, and forced the previous thoughts about Gino out of her head.
That’s what she had been trying to do in the bathroom, while washing her cum-stained
body. It was hard not to think of him when she was in the bathroom because they
fucked in the big spacious room often. The full length mirror on the bathroom wall was
parallel to the bathroom door. Gino would lean with his back to the bathroom door and
pull her ass down on his cock, positioning her until it slid in her pussy from behind. He’d
make sure the two of them could view everything in the big mirror; then he’d ram her
repeatedly while she begged him to cum. Oooh Gino, Spill it baby! Please spill it!
Bacardi adored the feeling of Gino’s hot fluid filling her up inside, just as much as she
loved to taste it down her throat. She cursed herself for craving his dick even now,
while she desperately wanted Anna’s sweet pussy.
Mirror Image
Bacardi had tried to bathe herself quickly so she could go back to the room with Anna,
but not before turning towards the mirror out of habit. Bacardi’s moist pussy, now
smelling like Dove soap, began to throb intensely. Gino’s familiar words rang out in the
bathroom. That’s my pussy baby. This is all for me. This pussy don’t cum unless I
cum. That’s right princess. Ride your dick like a good girl. Gino was miles away now
and Bacardi had a sweet dripping cunt waiting in bed just for her; yet she still couldn’t