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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Bacardi With a Chaser
Anna was sitting straight up in the bed with her back against the cushioned part of the
headboard. She leaned against one of the few remaining pillows that had managed not
to fall off the huge king-size bed when she and Bacardi had been sucking and fucking
for the past couple of hours. Anna had finally had her first taste of Bacardi and now she
knew that she had to have more!
Bacardi returned from the kitchen carrying two glasses of what appeared to be water
but was bubbling like 7-up. Just like Anna, Bacardi was still naked. “I think we finished
off the Pepsi, but I brought you some 7-up. Do you want some more Bacardi with it, or
just the soda to wet your whistle?” Anna smiled at the way Bacardi said her own name
when she pronounced the type of liquor they’d been drinking earlier. She loved the way
it revealed the woman’s slight Spanish accent. “No, the 7-up is fine”, Anna replied. Just
like your fine ass she thought to herself. She still couldn’t believe that she had actually
spent the whole afternoon indulging in one of her longtime fantasies with a woman she
met on a telephone dating line. By now it was early evening and starting to get dark
outside, yet the last thing on Anna’s mind was leaving.
First Afterglow
Bacardi handed Anna a glass of soda and set her own on the headboard, above one of
the built in shelves. “I’ll be right back”, she said. She left the room before Anna could
get another good look at the luscious brown-skinned frame that had just lay beneath her
own milk chocolate body. Anna’s pussy, thighs and ass were all sticky from Bacardi’s
sweet cum. The same was true for the dried up juices that Anna had released all over
Bacardi. She imagined that Bacardi’s hefty D cup titties would probably be aching for a
while. Her fucking titties are probably sore as hell; I was sucking them so damn hard!
Now Anna really knew what the word ravished meant because she was sure that was
exactly what she had done to the poor woman. Fuck! I hope I didn’t hurt her! Anna
thought about it for a second but dismissed the thought when Bacardi returned to the
room looking perfectly fine. She showed no evidence of being in pain, and the big