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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

other pussy. They can’t give me what I get from you. Now go get everything ready for me like a good little
princess. I’ll be there soon.”
Gino looked at the photo again, then he adjusted his bulging dick. He was tempted to pull it out and
satisfy himself. He decided against it, not wanting to catch a polic e case in Philadelphia for jacking off in a
public cab. He forced his mind to think about something else. Fuck ! The bitch could have sent the limo!
Something Refreshing
Bacardi jumped up off the bed and refused to let thoughts about Gino spoil her time alone with Anna. She
looked at her still lying on the bed and said: “I’m fucking thirsty as hell. You want something to drink?”
Anna looked at her and grinned, then said seductively: “Actually, I could go for another taste of Bacardi”.
Bacardi laughed at Anna’s obvious sexual reference to her pussy. Round one was over and they were
finally able to clear their heads from the past two hours of sucking and fucking. After something refreshing
to drink, Bacardi would be more than willing to give Anna another taste. Bacardi looked at her and smiled.
“You’re so crazy. Seriously girl – I have plenty of rum but I’m not so sure about the chaser.” Anna felt the
twinge in her pussy starting again when she looked at Bacardi. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take whatever
you have.” She nodded in acknowledgement; then she went to get Anna some Bacardi with a chaser.
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Bacardi With A Chaser
Book Two of the BACARDI SERIES Publications
Table of Contents