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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Gino wasn’t into torture or severe pain, but he had some creative, if not twisted, sexual tastes. Over the
years, he had demonstrated and taught them all to Bacardi, and now she couldn’t live without them. Once
before, she had tried splitting up with Gino because he was so possessive of her. The breakup hadn’t
even lasted a week. During that time, Bacardi thought she would die without him and his cock! She even
worried that his attention might be permanently diverted elsewhere since he was fucking the conniving
little bitch Roxie the whole time.
When Bacardi told Gino she wanted to come back to him, he had taken her back with open arms and
zipper. She showed her gratitude for Gino’s forgiveness on her knees. It started with Gino’s huge dick in
her mouth and Bacardi sucking until he was ready to explode. Then Gino had pulled out and fucked
Bacardi’s pussy from behind, just the way she loved him to do. Bacardi’s final bit of gratitude that
particular night was taking his cock down her throat and swallowing when he blew his wad. She licked
and cleaned every drop of the hot liquid that she had missed so much. Bacardi never left Gino again, and
she did what she had to so he never left her. She rarely, if ever, did anything to piss Gino off. She sure as
hell didn’t want to start now, no matter how sweet Anna’s pussy tasted to her.
Beeker Street
Gino rode along in the cab impatiently, semi pissed off because his Beeker Street princess hadn’t
bothered to meet him at the airport. Gino hated coming to Philly, but he could never res ist one of his
special parties; after all, he was the guest of honor. Gino relaxed his mind about having to take the cab to
Beeker Street. He decided to cut her a break, considering she was flying him here, throwing him a special
party, and paying 5, 000 for the privilege.
He leaned back against the seat and looked at the tantalizing image on the text message that his Beeker
Street princess had sent him. That’s how he simply liked to refer to her, as the “Beeker Street princess”
because other than that, she didn’t mean anymore to him. Gino didn’t even care enough about the
woman to mentally bother with her name. As long as she was obedient and he didn’t tire of her, she was
the Beeker Street princess; that was enough. At the moment, he was partly irritated by her and partly
intrigued. She had sent him a picture of a young woman lying on the bed alone. She appeared to be
about 23 years old and she look ed really high.
The girl reminded Gino of a less feisty looking Roxie, with a similar slim but curvy build. The view was
obviously taken from the camera that Gino had installed directly above the bed in the Beeker Street
basement. Gino had turned it into a party room and had it wired. The camera was pointing down at the
girl’s naked chocolate-colored body. She lay on her back with her eyes rolling up in her head, lost in
ecstasy. She had both her hands clutching her huge double D knockers together. Her knees were
pointing toward the ceiling; a plastic dildo prot ruded out of her gapped open legs appearing as though
someone had stuffed it there and left it.
Gino let out a groan of pleasure and felt his cock began to swell as he wished he was viewing a video
instead of a still photo. He wanted to hear the girl’s moans and groans from the huge rubber cock sticking
out of her pussy. The cell phone rang while he was hypnotized by the image and it was Beeker Street.
“You like it baby? I got her especially for you daddy?” The woman on the phone spoke in a raspy voice
that dripped lust. Gino stroked his dick through his pants, not thinking about the cabbie in the front seat. “I
know baby. That’s my girl. You’re my party princess baby. I’ll be there in about twenty minutes. Keep her
hot for me baby. Daddy’ll be there soon.”
While he listened to her response, his dick was rising fast and demanding to be released. “I can’t wait
until you get here Gino.” She said it like she was in agony. “You know I hate when you’re away from me. I
wish you didn’t have to be gone all the time baby, I can keep you happy baby. You know I can make you
happy.” Now she was annoying him and fucking up his mood. Gino fought off the irritation he always felt
when women got to this part of the dance. He’d set her straight later, but for right now… He just said in a
soothing and sexy voice: “You know you’ll always be the only one for me. I don’t give a fuck about all that