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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

She loved dick entirely too much. But as for eating pussy and fucking women; she would definitely be
doing a lot more of that.
Bacardi sat up and leaned against the headboard. She looked down at Anna still lying next to her on her
back. “That was so fucking good Anna! Baby girl, you know you got some sweet ass pussy. That shit was
so bomb!” The way Bacardi said the words wit h such conviction, Anna knew she had thoroughly enjoyed
their session too. Anna sat up smiling and planted a light kiss on Bacardi’s cheek. “That goes double for
me babe. Your fucking pussy tasted so good. Bacardi was especially pleased, because she knew that it
was the first time that Anna had eat en pussy, yet she was definitely a natural.
Bacardi lie thinking about how good Anna had felt and tasted to her; of that there was no doubt. But the
new pussy that she had a chance to enjoy all to herself could only satisfy her so much. It couldn’t come
close to or erase the 8 years of sheer ecstasy that she received from Gino whenever he fucked her! Lying
in bed like she was doing with A nna was putting her special relationship with Gino in jeopardy, something
she wasn’t anywhere near prepared to do. Bacardi knew this, yet she was there anyway. She wished she
understood what the undeniable sexual hold that Gino had on her was. He was decadent and all
consuming and he took her plac es that she could never even begin to try and ex plain.
Keeping Gino Happy
Bacardi adored Gino’s strong thick tongue and long meaty dick. She loved sucking on each of them, and
she derived endless pleasure from them both. Gino didn’t just fuck Bacardi with his cock and tongue. He
used every bit of his delectable body to make love to her, because as dirty and lustful as the sex was
between them, to Bacardi it was still love. She had admitted to herself long ago that Gino was the only
man for her. Bacardi would literally swoon in Gino’s arms, just from his scent. She could never
understand how no matter what he did he still managed to smell desirable. It didn’t matter if he was hot
and sweaty from working out, wet and sticky from fucking her brains out, or fresh out the shower, with
only the smell of soap. Damn! My baby smells so fuck ing good! I can just eat his ass up! Gino was the
kind of man that didn’t even need to wear cologne, even though he never went anywhere without slapping
on some Giorgio Armani.
In spite of how it appeared to ot hers, Bacardi was convinc ed that Gino felt the same way about her. He
told her so, each time he wrapped his beefy arms, and bowed legs around her body. When he held her
close to his broad and hairy chest, she would melt like butter in his embrace. You’re my party princess
baby. You know you’ll always be the only one for me. I don’t give a fuck about all that other pussy. They
can’t give me what I get from you. Gino’s voice could literally make her cream her pants. His raspy voice
and warm breath on her neck would whisper softly. You’re mine, you hear? This is daddy’s pussy baby.
You’re mine. He would take her hand and force it on his hard and able-bodied manhood.
While holding his throbbing cock, Bacardi would listen to him chant in her ear over and over again. This is
your dick baby. This is your dick baby. That’s right, this is your dick baby. For Bacardi, it didn’t’ matter
how many women Gino fucked or sucked, as long as there was plenty of him left for her. His dick, and the
pleasure he gave Bacardi were her lifeblood and she could never go without it for very long.
For Gino, there was something special about Bacardi too, although being special with Gino wasn’t
exclusively reserved for Bacardi. However, it had occurred, even to him, that eve ry pussy that he fucked
or sucked was merely a prelude to Bacardi. She was his, and his dick was made for her pussy.
Sometimes he almost believed that she was the only special one for him, no matter what lie he told other
women; but then he would curse himself for indulging in such a weak thought about any woman.
When it came to sex, Gino had a literal bag of tricks. He told Bacardi that they were exclusively for her.
See what I have for my little party princess baby? Daddy has ALL this - just for you! He would stand
naked as a jaybird, holding the bag and pointing his hard erect member at her without touching it. Then
he would gyrate his torso so that his huge flag waved back and forth, giving Bacardi a preview of what
was in store for her.