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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

juices had been sucked dry. Moans and groans of pleasure were inaudible because both women had
their hungry mouths full of the other’s delicious tasting cum.
Sharing Juices
Anna was an attentive lover. She observed earlier how Bacardi had squirmed frantically when she had
sucked on her clit. Anna knew this was the best way to drain Bacardi’s cunt completely. Once again Anna
took both her hands and held Bacardi’s swollen pussy open. She let her motorized tongue go to work and
could barely keep Bacardi from jumping up off the bed. Bacardi was so delirious with pleasure that she
stopped assaulting Anna’s pussy with her tongue.
The taste of Bacardi climaxing in Anna’s mouth was like nothing she had ever experienced. Juices
poured out of Bacardi’s cunt; much tastier than a man’s cum, which Anna also loved drinking. Anna
wished Bacardi was sitting on her face. She wanted to let her mouth be a cup and catch all the sweet
creamy juices spilling out of her satisfied hole. Anna continued lapping the cream from Bacardi’s pussy
like a hungry kitten, making sure to lick and clean every little crevice. She was careful not to miss one
single solitary drop,
When Bacardi’s fat pussy and surrounding areas had been licked completely clean, she stopped
convulsing and lay still. After a moment, Anna straightened up, standing up on her knees. Her pussy was
positioned directly above Bacardi’s face but she was still facing backwards. Anna’s pussy had secreted
so many juices that her thighs made a squishing noise when they rubbed together. She abs olutely loved
being so wet ! Spilling cum like a faucet; the feeling was overwhelming. Yet, when it was all said and
done, her hot wet pussy still screamed for more!
Knowing that there was more of Anna to drink still, Bacardi pulled Anna’s open cunt to her face and slid
her tongue inside. Immediately, Bacardi’s tongue went back to work, darting in and out for several
minutes. Then she pulled her tongue out and began sucking on the hole. Anna’s pussy was hot, wet and
explosive and Bacardi knew it was just a matter of time. Anna bent over with her ass positioned in the air.
Her arms and elbows were on the bed helping to supporting her weight. Bacardi took her fingers and held
Anna’s pussy lips wide open. She licked and poked at her clit a few times with her tongue, then she
began licking hungrily on the inner walls of Anna’s pussy and making loud slurping sounds. Bacardi
want ed to melt, the velvety pussy walls felt so wonderful to her tongue! Anna loved it too, and she had to
fight to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs. She twisted and wiggled her body and began
panting, first in a low voice, then more intensely. “Yes baby, lick it, lick it, lick it! Oooooh damn! Lick it girl!
Fuck yeah! Lick it!”
Anna was shamelessly face-fucking Bacardi with no reserve. She grinded on the woman’s tongue like it
was one of the many dicks she had fucked. Underneat h her, Bacardi was making muffled sounds as she
enjoyed Anna’s pussy juice. With one final thrust of her pelvis onto Bacardi’s mouth, Anna exploded and
her hot fluids began squirting out like water, while she screamed: “Yes! Oooooh – Yes! Ooooooh Yes! I’m
cumming baby! Yes! Yes! Ooooooh Yes! I’m cumming baby! When Anna’s dam finally burst, her juices
nearly choked Bacardi. Bacardi used her mouth and tongue like a sponge, and mopped up every ounce
of the sticky cum. Anna’s body eventually stopped quivering; the two women lay still. Both of their
satisfied pussies were finally spent. But both Bacardi and Anna would soon find t hat the satisfied feeling
wouldn’t last for long, they would need more; they couldn’t get enough of one another!
Ordering Another Round
Anna rolled over off Bacardi. She turned around and stretched out, parallel to Bacardi’s body. They lay on
their backs, each of them quiet and lost in their own thoughts. Neither of them said anything, but both of
them sighed with contentment. Anna couldn’t believe she had actually just lived out her fantasy for the
first time and it was everything she imagined it would be. I don’t know about her, but I’m a happy camper!
Damn, I can’t believe how fucking good that shit was! She knew that she’d never give up fucking men.