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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

fucked Bacardi until her tongue ran out of strength, all the while, licking up the juices in the proc ess. She
didn’t want one drop of her lover’s juices to spill. She could eat this pussy all night. “Wait! Please wait!
Wait!” Bacardi was caught up in passion, yet squirming and pleading for her to stop.
Anna forced herself to rise up just enough to make sure she wasn’t hurting her. When she lifted her head,
Bacardi caught her breath and managed to stop panting. “Wait Anna, wait; I want you to turn around
baby. I don’t want to cum until you sit on my face!” Anna sat all the way up; recalling the phone
conversation when Bacardi had joked about doing “69 for the first time”. Anna was more than happy to
accommodate her! She turned her body around and straddled Bacardi on all fours. Then she moved her
cunt down toward the headboard and Bacardi’s waiting mouth.
It’s “69” Time
With Anna on top and Bacardi on bottom, Anna prepared herself to feed and ride Bacardi. Yeah baby girl,
it’s time to eat this pussy good! Before Anna could even get her crotch close to Bacardi’s face, Bacardi
was clutching Anna’s ass and forcing it downward; searching for her juicy cunt. She positioned Anna’s
partly shaved pussy squarely over her mouth and fo rced it open with her wide tongue. Anna cried out,
louder than either of them had done all afternoon. “Oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk! Damnnn! That feels so
fucking goooooood!”
Bacardi apparently didn’t mind the noise because she didn’t bother to stop. Instead, she drove her tongue
even deeper up Anna’s inviting pussy. She made skilled movements with her tongue, flexing the muscle
so it changed back and fort h from taunt and narrow, to soft and wide. Bacardi us ed her tongue just like a
small but skillful dick. She plunged it in and out of Anna’s wet hole. She gripped Anna’s ass pressing it
tightly to her fac e so she could dig her tongue as deep as it would go. Anna began to hump her face, first
timidly, then with intensity. Oh my goodness what is she fuck ing doing to me??? Ohhhh that shit feels so
fuck ing good!!!!
Realizing that she had stopped enjoying her own feast, Anna returned to Bacardi’s wet and soggy pussy;
but she continued riding Bacardi’s tongue! Both of them had spilled plenty of juices, but neither had
climaxed yet. Anna took both hands and this time used her fingers to hold Bacardi’s pussy lips together.
She took her whole mouth and covered as much of the triangular mound as she could; then began to
suck and slurp like she was drinking from a straw. Bac ardi had one arm around Anna pulling her closer
whenever she tried to escape her mouth and tongue. Bacardi’s other hand was reciprocating the finger
banging that Anna had just given her.
Bacardi stopped tongue fucking Anna just long enough to stick a finger inside her pussy hole and milk it
up and down. Then she slid her tongue in again, after licking all the surrounding juices. It was evident that
Bacardi loved the tasty drippings that had started to spill into her mouth. She put both hands back on
Anna’s ass, clutching tighter than ever. Bacardi gripped the butt cheeks, spreading them open just
slightly, then began lifting her head up off the bed, high enough to lick the bottom of Anna’s ass cleavage.
Anna let out a low guttural noise and felt herself st art to cum. Uhnnnnnnn!!!!!! Bacardi lost control and slid
her mouth back down to ravish Bacardi’s cunt. She licked and sucked back and forth from the pussy hole
to the clit, and back again. When she made little nibbling motions on the meaty part of Anna’s pussy;
Anna quivered, and Bacardi felt her pussy juice begin to flow! A shiver ran through Bacardi and she could
hardly catch her breath. She knew she would spill over soon herself.
Bacardi was on her back, licking and cleaning Anna’s pussy as it started to erupt; at the same time, Anna
stayed on top servicing Bacardi’s pussy, and giving it the attention it deserved. The more Bacardi
squeezed, spread and licked, the more Anna came and the more she wanted to suck! The more Anna
sucked and sucked and sucked, the more Bacardi’s body quivered and released her fluids. Both their
insatiable desires fueled their actions onward; des perately licking and sucking and holding eac h other
tighter. Their bodies were thrusting and humping together in unison, both refusing to let go until all the