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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Bacardi peered into Anna’s eyes and the next thing you know, they were locked in a passionate kiss.
Anna couldn’t believe how soft Bacardi’s tongue and lips felt. She was really surprised because she
truthfully hadn’t given that much thought to kissing a woman. Even when she had noticed how succulent
Bacardi’s lips were, it was really just an afterthought. Her fant asies all started with her sucking titties and
ended with her eating pussy. Kissing wasn’t necessarily on the menu. Now, here she was, locked in a
sensual kiss that was just as arousing as sucking on the titties she had just got through devouring. Anna
could only imagine how eating Bacardi’s pussy was going to be. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She
was ready to find out now!
Anna made a quick maneuver. In two swift movements, she had mounted Bacardi just as quickly as
Bacardi had gotten on top of her. She looked down and saw the woman smiling, obviously impressed by
the move. Anna laughed. She was kind of proud of the move hers elf. She had us ed it on men plenty of
times. Whenever she pulled the ma neuver on a lover, they were usually surprised, if not impressed. Back
on top, with Bacardi underneath, Anna was ready to have her way until her thirst was quenched.
Finally a Taste
Anna slid her way down Bacardi’s body and pushed her legs apart. She lowered her head bet ween
Bacardi’s legs, preparing to get down to business. She was resting on her knees with her ass in the air.
The tantalizing sight made Bacardi try to sit up and fondle Anna’s pussy from behind. But Anna wasn’t
having it. Anna lifted her head up and looked at Bacardi with lust in her eyes. “Lay down. I’m hungry and
you don’t get to move until I get through eating.” “Oooooh - Yes baby.” Bacardi moaned willingly. She lay
back down and allowed Anna to spread her legs even wider; Anna buried he r fac e between the hefty pair
of thighs.
Anna took both hands and used her fingers to pry Bacardi’s plump lips open. As she held the pussy open
with her fingers, she blew her warm breath on the exposed clit. Anna took the tip of her tongue and let it
prod the sensitive spot until Bacardi shivered and squirmed. Her motorized tongue licked Bacardi’s clit
faster and faster. “Oooh baby, suck me!” Bacardi cried out. “I fucking can’t stand it! Suck it baby! Suck it
now! Please suck it!” Bacardi lifted the lower part of her body off the bed, trying to force her burning clit
upward, into Anna’s mouth; demanding that it be sucked!
Anna just continued to taunt her by licking and blowing on Bacardi’s clit, but Bacardi’s body became more
insistent as her pussy’s tongue began to throb. Anna wrapped her lips around the pulsating clit and began
sucking it just as Bacardi had begged her to do. It tasted delicious and Anna couldn’t get enough. I love it!
I fuck ing love it! Anna’s mind was yelling out her approval, but her lips were busy lapping up Bacardi’s
juices. She stopped holding the pussy lips open with her hands but she kept on sucking. She slid both
hands under Bacardi’s ass and cupped both her cheeks. Then she squeezed them tightly while she drank
from Bacardi’s pussy well.
She loved it and didn’t ever want to stop. Bacardi was nearly convulsing with pleasure, but Anna wasn’t
finished yet. She scooted down on the bed so that she was spread eagle, facing the bed, while she lay
between Bacardi’s legs. She parted Bacardi’s thighs as wide as they could open, and held them that way.
Bacardi’s fat cunt was completely exposed. Anna watched how Bacardi’s engorged clit was now
protruding from the lips. She took one of the same three fingers as earlier and inserted it deep int o
Bacardi’s pussy hole, wiggling it and plunging it deeper. Just as Bacardi would grind on the finger,
attempting to fuck it, Anna would tease her and slide it out slowly. She did it over and over again, driving
Bacardi crazy while she screamed out: “NO! No baby! No! Please baby! Noooo! Don’t take it ouuuut! Oh
fuck! Fuck me! Don’t take it out! Fuck me dammit! Oh don’t take it out!!!
Anna slid her finger in and out; salivating over the wet clit throbbing in her face; begging her to suck it
some more. She lowered her mouth, again, but this time she didn’t suck on the clit. Instead, she removed
her finger from Bacardi’s cunt and inserted her tongue inside, allowing it to dart in and out. Bacardi
squirmed and tried to lift up from the bed, but Anna held her down with her free hand. Anna tongue -