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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

bed, was another flat screen television. This one was only a 42 inch, unlike the larger model in the living
Getting Down to Business
The bedroom was clean and tidy. But just like the rest of the house, there was very little furniture or other
items in it. There was a tall dresser wit h a few odds and ends on top, but the only other piece of furniture
was an arm chair and a fancy looking laundry hamper. It matched the room’s color scheme of royal blue
and navy blue. On the other opposite wall that was closest to the bed was a huge mirror. It was bordered
by a royal blue drape with a valance at the top, so that it almost looked like a window. The mirror was in
full view of the king size bed.
As soon as they got in the bedroom, Bacardi began peeling out of both the robe and the bikini panties she
still wore. Then she kicked out of her pumps and went over to the bed, where the covers were pulled all
the way back. The royal blue sheet set on the bed looked fresh and cl ean. Aside from the two bed pillows,
there were five or six throw pillows also resting against the headboard. Bacardi slid to the center of the
bed naked and stood on her knees cupping her massive titties. “Come on baby, is this what you want?”
she asked, squeezing both her huge knockers just like Anna had done earlier. “Oh, fuck yeah!” Anna
answered breathlessly as she almost tripped trying to step out of the soaking wet thong.
Anna lift ed her dress over her head. Then she reached down, barely keeping her balanc e, and pulled off
both her sandals. Briefly, she took not e of the room and the huge mirror on the wall. Ummm, someone
lik es to watch herself in action. She joined Bacardi on the bed naked, glancing over at their bodies in the
mirror. Oh yeah, I’m going to love this! Occasionally, Anna would peek at the two of them in the mirror; it
turned her on even more.
Bacardi scooted towards the headboard and laid back on one of the pillows. She parted her legs slightly,
then grabbed her titties again, holding them out for Anna to come enjoy. It was obvious to Anna that
Bacardi was ready to be serviced. She didn’t mind. She had every intention of accommodating her. She
slid close to Bacardi and straddled her. She placed each hand on bot h sides of Bacardi so she could
keep her balance. Then Anna leaned down, taking one of the titties into her mouth. She suckled the
nipples and let Bacardi feed her, each scrumptious tit at a time.
Anna had planned to start slowly, and just tease the nipples with her tongue, but soon as they were in her
mouth, she was sucking on them hungrily. She sucked long and hard on the nipples she had waited a
lifetime to taste. As Anna moved her lips beyond the nipples, more of the meaty titties filled her mouth.
When she lift ed her mouth from one tit in order to attend to the other, she paused to lick the cleavage
area bet ween them. Anna wanted to devour them! To swallow them up, then suck them some more! S he
began flicking the nipples with her tongue and giving them little nibbles and bites. Bacardi was moaning
and squirming under her, begging her to stop and begging her for more, all in the same breath.
Bacardi was no longer helping her nurse, but Anna continued to feast. Instead of feeding Anna mouthfuls
of her own juicy titties, one of Bacardi’s hands was busy trying to fondle Anna’s breast. Her other hand
was frantically reaching to stroke Anna’s pussy. Because of the position both the women were in, Bacardi
wasn’t having much success with either task. She couldn’t reach either Anna’s titties or her pussy
Before Anna knew what was happening, Bacardi managed to sit up, flip Anna off her and lay Anna on her
back. Bacardi straddled Anna, careful not to rest her weight on the smaller woman’s stomach. By lifting
up slightly, Bacardi was able to reach her hand behind her and stroke Anna’s neglected pussy. She
cupped her hand and covered the whole mound between Anna’s legs; then she began massaging. Anna
moaned in delight while she reached up wit h both hands and squeezed hard on Bacardi’s nipples. A
painful squeal escaped Anna’s lips and they both paused what they were doing. “I’m sorry, did I hurt
you?” Anna asked. “Yes. Oh yes, and I love it”, Bacardi answered in a husky voice.