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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Anna used two fingers to keep the lips part ed while a third finger wiggled the sensitive clit like a loose
tooth. Bacardi moaned deeply and began gyrating. Anna allowed all three fingers to rub, poke and pry
Bacardi’s receptive pussy lips and pussy tongue. Her fingers felt so wet and slippery that Anna had an
overwhelming urge to smell them and suck the juices off. When she tried to remove them from between
Bacardi’s legs, the woman let out a groan of disapproval. Bacardi tightened her pussy muscles around
Anna’s fingers and locked them in place. Then she took one of her hands from the counter and tried to
force Anna’s fingers deeper, refusing to let them go.
Anna groped Bacardi’s left titty, squeezing it and using it to help her stand and keep her balance. She
pressed in closer into Bacardi’s body, pushing her into the cabinet. She wanted to extend her right arm
more, so she could reach the lower part of Bacardi’s pussy. When she found it, she inserted her fingers
into the waiting hole. They slid inside easily. Anna began working her fingers as best she could from the
awkward angle. She pumped them in and out of the wet pussy like an oil slick drilling for oil. Bacardi’s
juices began to make squishing noises and Anna could feel the woman’s wetness making her ass
slippery also.
Anna’s own pussy was still grinding fiercely and trying to fuck Bacardi from behind. Anna wanted to lay
her down and service her right. If she had to, she would eat her right there on the kitchen floor. As if she
read her mind, Bacardi released Anna’s hand. She managed to catch her breath and say hoarsely,
“Come on baby. Let’s take this in the bedroom where we can get comfortable.” “Gladly; I thought you’d
never ask”, Anna replied. She tried to say it in a light tone, but her husky voice couldn’t hide the ecstasy
she was feeling.
Anna tried, but she couldn’t bear to stop grinding or remove her fingers right away. She whispered
sensually in Bacardi’s ear from behind. “Oh yes. You feel so fucking good baby. I can’t stop. I can’t stop.”
Then, she got louder. “Oh fuck! I can’t stop!” Bacardi squealed with pleasure as Anna’s fingers plowed
deep inside her. She wanted Anna to continue finger banging her, but she wanted to get to the bedroom
where they could really get down to business. Bacardi’s mouth halfway pleaded with her to stop while her
ass and pussy muscles flexed, begging her to continue. “Oh God, baby please. Pleeeeze! Noooo! Come
on! Oooooh shit! Anna! Come on baby! Pleeeeze!”
Bacardi held onto the counter again with both hands. She began bobbing up and down, in a standing,
squatting, standing motion. It helped Anna’s fingers pump in and out of her better. They were both so
caught up in ecstasy that they nearly fell a couple of times. Anna finally forc ed herself to stop and remove
her dripping fingers from Bacardi’s hot pussy. She was only getting started and she didn’t want Bacardi to
cum yet; not before she got a chanc e to taste some of those juices.
Anna stepped back and waited for Bacardi to turn around. When she did, Anna made sure Bacardi
watched while she held up the three slick fingers wet with the woman’s pussy cream. Anna sniffed the
fingers, inhaling each finger deeply. She loved the aroma just like she knew she would. She slid each one
in her mouth one at a time. She was elated for the chance to finally savor the indescribable taste of sweet
pussy. She licked on the fingers seductively; then sucked them long and hard. Anna gave Bacardi a
demonstration of what she had in store for the slit between her thighs.
Bacardi took Anna’s hand and began sucking on the same wet fingers she had just used to make her
gush. Between Bacardi’s pussy juice and both women’s saliva, Anna’s fingers were wet and sticky.
Bacardi placed them on one of her juicy boobs that were hanging completely free of the robe. Anna took
her fingers and rolled them around on the tip of one of Bacardi’s nipples. Her wet fingers barely skimmed
and grazed it, but it drove Bacardi crazy. She couldn’t stand it another minute. “Come on!” she said
Bacardi grabbed Anna by the hand and led her out the kitchen and down a nearby hallway. They passed
several rooms, but only two had open doors; they entered the open door at the end of the hall. It was
spacious, just like the rest of the house. Anna suspected it must be the master bedroom. One corner of
the large room was dominated by a big king-size bed and on the opposite wall that was furt hest from the