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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Anna knew Bacardi was watching her. She wanted Bacardi to know that she was ready to get her tongue
wet. The cold liquid containing mostly alcohol stung the tip of Anna’s tongue. It tasted good, but it wasn’t
exactly the Bacardi that she wanted to stick her tongue inside. She took another drink and wished the
fuck her pussy would stop throbbing.
First Real Look
When Anna looked over at Bacardi who was suddenly silent, she nearly choked on her drink. She rested
her eyes on the huge breasts that were beckoning to her. One of the big fleshy titties had escaped from
the robe and hung in full view. To Anna’s pure delight, a huge erect nipple stood up and begged to be
suckled. Bacardi tossed the rest of her drink back and grinned at Anna. She pret ended not to no tice the
exposed breast or the undeniably aroused nipple. It was obvious that she was having fun toying with
For the third time that day Anna fought to keep her irritation in check. Dammit, what’s with this girl? I don’t
fuck ing have time for this shit! We need to tak e this party to the damn bedroom. What the fuck is her
problem anyway? Anna was tired of beating around the bush. She was supposed to be stretched out,
naked, lying between Bacardi’s legs. The picture of the two of them in that position was too much to bear.
Anna’s pussy began to pulsate and throb so hard, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She was obviously
going to have to make the first move if she ever want ed to have a real taste of Bacardi.
Bacardi stood up and went back to the end table. She poured another drink into her empty glass. “Ooops,
I forgot the ice”, she said. Her words were slurred when she spoke. This time when she walked to the
kitchen, she swayed but it wasn’t a natural sway. It was obvious that the liquor was having an affect on
her. Damn, she must have got a head start on me with the drinks. She’s already fucked up! Bacardi
turned the corner into the kitchen, and Anna stood up and followed. She didn’t realize it until she reached
the kitchen doorway, but she was getting b uzzed from the alc ohol herself.
Making Things Happen
Bacardi stood with her back to the kitchen entranc e and was leaning against one of the cabinets. She
was reaching up, trying to get a bowl off the shelf to put the ice in. Anna instinctively walked up b ehind the
woman and pressed in on her with her body. She was determined to make things happen and she was
ready to start now! She reached down and slid Bacardi’s robe up over her butt so she could grind on her
big expos ed ass. Without saying a word, Bacardi stopped reaching for the bowl. She put her hands down
on the counter and used bot h of them to brace herself. Neither of them spoke as Anna reached around
the front of Bacardi’s robe and began claiming the long awaited prizes.
Leaning her weight against Bacardi, Anna used both hands to squeeze and fondle the heavy jugs that
were putty in her hands. She was in heaven! The luscious mounds felt like they were made for her hands
to caress. Anna pinched and plucked the hard and erect nipples, all the while pus hing and grinding her
pussy against Bacardi’s butt. She could barely stop fondling the breasts long enough to hike her own
dress up. When she did, bot h women let out a moan in unison. Through the thin layer of red satin,
Bacardi could feel Anna’s warm pussy pressed against her willing and waiting ass.
Anna returned her hand to Bacardi’s breasts. Squeezing titties, pinching nipples and all the while, sliding
her damp pussy across Bacardi’s ass. Anna was delirious with ecstasy. Between the grinding, the groping
and the alcohol, both of them were having trouble keeping their balance, but neither dared to stop. Anna
took one hand and slid it down Bacardi’s stomach until it came to the top of the bikini panties. In a swift
movement, Anna’s hand was inside the panties and stroking the clean shaved mound. She took two
fingers and pried the fat pair of pussy lips apart just as she had imagined doing earlier.