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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

inviting ass. She stuck it out specifically for Anna’s viewing pleasure. Anna feasted her eyes on the bare
butt cheeks and a small patch of pink.
Taunting and Teasing
Bacardi came back over to the sofa and looked down at Anna with a feigned look of innocence on her
face. “Do you want some soda in it? I have some Pepsi if you want some”, she said. The look in her eyes
was anything but innocent. She stood so close that her crotch area was actually eye-level to Anna’s face.
Anna got a quick whiff of Bacardi and another flash of the pink. It was the pink lace bikini panties that
Bacardi was wearing. They were partially visible just beneat h the robe.
Anna considered putting her hand between the woman’s thighs and reaching up to pull the satin aside.
She wanted badly to pry the pussy lips apart and run her tongue across the woman’s clit for a quick taste.
Before Anna could give it some serious thought, Bacardi had moved across the room and headed back
towards the kitchen to get the Pepsi. She turned when she got to the dining room and said, “I like mine
with a little lime in it. Is that okay for you?” She disappeared without waiting for an answer.
In a moment, Bacardi reappeared from the kitchen with a bottle of Pepsi and a small bowl of lime slices.
She picked up one of the glasses from the tray and poured a little of the Pepsi into it. She plopped a slice
of lime int o the glass and went to hand it to Anna. After preparing her own drink the same way, she went
and sat on the loveseat by herself. Bacardi sat back with her drink and looked at Anna flirtatiously. When
she sat back on the loveseat, she crossed her legs. This caused the already short robe to hike up even
further, showing off more of her thick creamy thighs. She took a sip from her drink and made a little
slurping noise. Bacardi drank from the glass again, but this time she took an ice chip in her mouth and
sucked on it seductively.
Sitting on the sofa alone, Anna was turned on, but also slightly irritat ed. She wondered about the woman .
Why in the fuck is she sitting way over there? Anna had never been the kind of woman that was coy, and
she wasn’t about to play any head games with one. She recalled the steamy phone conversation that had
got her so hot and bothered. I k now this bitch is not trying to play shy or hard to get after the ot her night!
The way she was talk ing, we ought to be k nee deep in pussy by now! Anna fought to keep her irritation
from showing.
What she wanted more than anything at that moment was to lay Bacardi down on the floor and start
exploring every nook and cranny with her tongue. In spite of the mixed signals Bacardi seemed to be
giving, Anna knew the woman want ed it just as much as she did. When Bacardi had stood in front of
Anna a moment ago, the sweet musky smell of sex had escaped from her pussy. The scent was so heavy
that Anna wondered if the woman had been fingering herself in the kitchen. E ven though Anna had never
fucked a woman, she couldn’t wait to satisfy Bacardi. She knew once she started licking and sucking on
all Bacardi’s special places, her coy act would disappear.
There was no doubt in Anna’s mind about whether she could satisfy Bacardi. She had always been an
excellent lover, even though she only fucked men. When she reached age 35, Anna had become more
explorative. She had tried new ways and places to get turned on. Soon she was allowing herself to
indulge in whatever felt good. That’s when she started making some interesting discoveries. She found
out she actually liked sucking dicks almost as much as she enjoyed having her pus sy licked. She also
didn’t mind anymore if a man wanted to play with her ass. Once upon a time, Anna wouldn’t dream of
letting a lover near the well guarded ass, no matter how much they begged. She had never even allowed
Steven that pleas ure. She knew her firm juicy butt was enticing, just like the rest of her seductive body.
Lately, if a lover was skilled enough, she’d let him get away with fondling or licking her between her butt
cleavage. Anna had to admit, she enjoyed a wet tongue licking her ass a whol e lot more than she would
have ever imagined.
Shaking off her annoyance over Bacardi’s apparent teasing; Anna took a sip from her drink. She swirled
the slice of lime and a piece of ice around with her tongue, trying to mix the Pepsi and alcohol together.