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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

eventually lost custody and cont act with her only child. She used to tell Gino that he had inherited his
father and grandfather’s hot Italian blood. After watching his mother whoring around for the first 12 years
of his life, Gino doubted that she even knew who his father really was.
In the fift een years that Bacardi had been sexually active, Gino was the only man that had ever been able
to make her cum. She had never in her life ex perienced such pleasure from a lover, and she continued to
feel the same way. In return for taking her to eternal ecstasy, by choice she had become Gino’s virtual
sex slave. She knew that his pleasure meant her eventual pleasure. Gino had forbidden Bacardi to ever
have another cock enter her precious cunt again. When it came t o men, her pussy was territory reserved
exclusively for him. Bacardi didn’t mind agreeing because she had gone for years being unsatisfied by
In spite of her discontentment, until she met Gino, she had never even been with a woman before. It was
him that introduced Bac ardi to the sweet taste of pussy. When Bacardi had first tried it, she did it because
Gino had wanted her to. She would have – then and still would – do anything for Gino. But Bacardi had
found out quickly that she loved eating pussy as much as, or more, as he enjoyed watching her eat it,
while he issued out commands. Suck her baby, that’s a good girl. Suck her! Do it harder – use your finger
baby, stick it down her wet hole! Yeah, that’s a girl baby. Yeah, just like that! But what was even better
than all that, was no matter how much outside pussy the two of them consumed together, afterwards,
he’d always suck Bacardi’s pussy real good and fuck her until she literally cried tears of pain and joy!
Bacardi adorned Gino’s cock and she knew beyond a doubt that she was addicted to it!
Hard to Focus
Whatever Bacardi was saying in the next room, Anna had no idea what it was. Instead of listening, she
was picturing Bacardi’s big luscious titties. She hoped to be playing with them shortly. She couldn’t wait to
squeeze and suck on the tantalizing melons. The image only made the throbbing between Anna’s legs
intensify. In between throbs, she felt the delicate pearl tongue nestled between her fat pussy lips start to
pulsate. Anna’s cunt literally began to ache from want.
The temptation to reach bet ween her legs and massage her aching pussy was strong. She resisted out of
fear that if she did, she might explode all over Bacardi’s nice leather couch. Anna remembered how she
had came all over her fingers the first night she got through talking to Bacardi on the phone. Neither of
them had been shy in their conversation. They didn’t really have phone sex, but the discussion was full of
sexual innuendos. The conversation was so heated that Anna couldn’t get to sleep that night wit hout
fingering herself into a frenzy. She had been so horny that it took cramming four fingers in and out of her
wet pussy repeatedly, until she was finally satisfied. Oddly enough, as horny as she was, she didn’t
bother to contact any of her usual standby dicks. She hadn’t even thought about having Steven’s hard
cock insider her that night. Once Anna had started yearning for pussy, she couldn’t seem to get back in a
dick frame of mind.
Anna had always fantasized about what it would be like to be with a woman. She was particularly
infatuated with breasts, especially big ones. She longed desperat ely to taste and feel a pair of large erect
nipples in her mouth. It wasn’t uncommon for her to watch herself in the mirror, studying her own modest
breasts. Anna was only a C cup, but not only were her breasts nice and firm but they had huge nipples
and areolas. Anna would often trac e around the dark brown crevices of her titties, and feel the nipples
rise as she pinched them tightly between her fingers. She loved having her tits played with and sucked
on. She actually got so turned on when she fondled them that Anna wished she could suck them herself!
She had tried before, but her lips couldn’t reach the nipples.
Bacardi came from the kitchen balancing a tray with t wo partially filled glasses and a half empty bottle of
Bacardi Rum. Floating in the brown liquid in each glass were a few small chips of ice. Bacardi switched
past Anna and said in a throaty voice, “Bacardi on the rocks; you ask for it, you got it.” She stopped at the
end table in the corner that separated the sofa from the matching loves eat. Then she bent over and sat
the tray on the table. When she bent over, she positioned herself so Anna could get a good look at her