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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Bacardi’s role after the taped session with the mark was over was to simply contact the woman and claim
she was being blackmailed with photos and a tape of the two of them. She’d email them the proof and
they’d arrange to talk. Even if they suspected her involvement, they would do what was necessary to
prevent the images from going public. The idea of being plastered online, cum drunk and eating pussy
was too embarrassing to even think about.
When Gino first got Bacardi onboard with his plan to get serious about business, he had told her: “You
don’t have to do nothing baby but sit back and be my good girl – just do what I tell you to do.” By that
time, she was so hooked on his addictive cock that he could have told her to pilot him to the moon! He
had assured her she didn’t have to worry about anything but playing the role he told her to play. That’s
when he told her about China and Roxie and his plans to use outside help. “I got somebody who can help
me put things together baby. Just be my party princess and let me do what I do, okay?” Based on his
prior history with China, Gino knew he could trust her and count on her to do what he told her. While
Roxie wasn’t as reliable, Gino knew she was controlling and would put everything into her work,
especially what he had in mind for her to do. Gino had discovered her by accident, and knew she would
be right for a very specific role in his parties. He had a way of reading women and he was usually right.
Once Bacardi was comfortable, and even happy with what they were doing, Gino needed to make sure
she didn’t burn out. He didn’t want her to stop enjoying the intimate games that they played with their
unwilling party guests. To pick up the slack, he brought China in on a regular basis and taught her how
they ran the schemes. This also allowed him to multiply the profits that they were making. Two thousand
dollars was what Gino had determined was a reasonable extortion amount for the “marks” they spent time
locating. He became skilled at determining which women could quickly come up wit h the money and pay
it without incident. Gino only needed Roxie periodically, so she was more or less “on call”, a status the
young nymph didn’t particularly like.
Anna at Ease
Anna realized that Bacardi was a complete stranger that she knew absolutely nothing about. E ven still,
she felt at ease and not the least bit nervous about meeting in Bacardi’s home. Her mind could not have
imagined the activities that went on in the house on a regular basis. Anna had an out going personality so
she wasn’t timid about meeting people. Bacardi wasn’t the first person Anna had met on a telephone chat
line. She had met lots of men before, some of them on the same chat line where she had found Bacardi.
Anna knew enough to be careful and take precautions. Her pepper spray was always with her in her
purse and so far she had never had to use it. Although she us ually did it in a hotel room, Anna had fucked
more than her fair share of strangers.
Up until recently, Anna had never thought seriously about being with a woman but the idea had always
been in the back of her mind. Listening to the hot and exciting telephone profiles in the alternative section
had made Anna more conscious of her desire. One night, she finally decided to respond to one of the
“women seeking women” ad profiles. After a couple of failed attempts, she eventually ran her own ad.
She had gotten straight to the point about what she wanted. DIS CREE T SE X WITH AN A TTRA CTIVE,
FEMININE WOMAN, NO S TRINGS ATTA CHED. Bacardi was the final result of that ad. According to
Bacardi, all she want ed was the exact same thing as Anna. Anna had no idea that no matter what lie
Bacardi had told to lure her into bed, it didn’t change the truth. Bacardi’s love, devotion and sexual
obsession was – Gino!
Addicted to Gino’s Cock
Gino Elliot was an attractive, big and muscular man weighing 220 pounds and standing six feet, 2 inches
tall. He had a handsome face with soft brown eyes, but he wore a permanent scowl. As a boy, Gino’s
quick temper always kept him in trouble in school. His strung out mother had been a white prostitute th at