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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Glimpse of a Life
Anna looked at the photos on the walls; she had no idea what an accurate glimpse of Bacardi’s life she
was getting. She couldn’t help smiling as it dawned on her that she had no female friends in her own life.
Besides her best friend Trisha, Anna couldn’t think of one other female that she spent time with or gave
half a damn about. Well I guess I could count Shane. That bitch might as well be a woman. Anna took a
survey of the photos in the room again. She thought it was odd that practically all the photos were of
women. Out of the fifteen to twenty pictures scattered about, only five of them contained men.
One photo had a handsome looking young black man; he was neatly groomed and manicured and
wearing a gray two piec e dress suit; the suit did his tall slim body justice. Bacardi was also in the photo,
along with two women from several of the other pictures, apparently taken on different occasions. Anna
admired the sexy looking white woman standing on one side of Bacardi. She was in between Bacardi and
the young man. On the other side of Bacardi was a picture of a hot sexy black girl, much younger than the
others. The first thing Anna noticed when she looked at the girl was the hefty titties she was displaying
proudly. While her breasts were about as big as Bacardi’s, the black girl had a tiny waist and big wide
hips that made her titties virtually jump out at you. When Anna got through drooling over the girl’s luscious
tits, she scanned the rest of the photos that contained men.
The other four photographs all had the same man in them. She noticed the handsome white guy with long
hair pulled back in a pony tail. He had handsome but rugged features; his piercing dark eyes looked right
through you. Anna looked at one that showed him standing tall and erect, with his hand rubbing his chin
and the tiniest of grins on his face. He was wearing a casual but expensive looking sweat suit; and
wearing it very well. She thought to herself what she liked to do to such a tall drink of water. Judging from
what appeared to be a slight bulge in his pants, he was obviously very well -endowed.
Anna could tell that the man in the photo was the kind of man who kept a semi -erection. She could size a
man’s cock up from across the room because Steven’s dick had been the same way. Anna also
recognized that whoever this person was in the photo, he was definit ely the trouble dick in Bacardi’s life. If
anyone could determine when a dick was trouble, it was Anna. After countl ess breakups with Steven and
going through pussy withdrawals; she knew a trouble dick when she saw one. Still, she muttered
approvingly under her breath. “With a dick like that motha’ fucka’ is packing, all girlfriend really needs is to
have ONE dick hanging around on a string.”
Seduction and Blackmail
Anna had the kind of reaction that most females had about Gino. Women that came in cont act with him at
any given time would react the same way; and he knew it. The seduction and blackmail schemes Bacardi
and Gino began pulling for profit began aft er Gino saw how easy it was to keep the women quiet. He
believed that the victims secretly felt guilty becaus e he made them enjoy whatever he did to them,
although they swore it was against their will. As a result of the women’s misguided guilt, turning the
money over later was awkward, but would usually go very smoothly.
Some women were extorted for sex only, while others were earmarked specifically to collect money on.
During the women’s initial “chatting”, Bacardi and China had to really pump the women for information,
without seeming obvious. They made conversation laced with sexual content while they asked the women
all the right questions. Gino would listen discreetly. He could later determine if a woman had the mentality
to pay without question, as well as the means to get the money. The schemes that involved blackmail for
money were a bit more detailed and required an additional day, following the actual sex act. Once
contacted, the women were only allowed one day to come up wit h the cash; that is why advance research
and canvassing was necessary. Gino was skilled at planning the necessary steps to make things run
successfully, both him and China.