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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

about three bedrooms. She couldn’t be sure, but there didn’t appear to be anyone else in the house
besides the two of them. Damn! At least I HOPE we’re here alone!
Scattered about on the living room walls, Anna observed various photos of Bacardi. They showed her
either alone or with different women, usually three or four in one shot. Several of the same women were
in multiple shots. White women, black women, Latino women; all the snapshots revealed Bacardi partying
with friends. Anna noticed that the women in some of the pictures seemed extra chummy to her. She
wondered were any of them gay or bisexual. All of the women were attractive and all of them looked
straight, but Anna knew you couldn’t just look at a woman and tell. I guess girlfriend must really love her
some women! Something seemed strange to Anna as she observed the phot os. With so many female
friends, she wondered why Bacardi hadn’t managed to get between some woman’s legs by now.
Gino’s “China” Rule
In spite of what Bacardi had told Anna about her bisexual status, over the past years, Bacardi had fucked
and eaten the pussy of countless women. Many even tried to spark up relationships with her, not knowing
about or understanding her obsession with Gino. He would allow her to befriend individuals, go partying,
the whole nine yards; all as a means to an end; finding more victims to fall prey to their various sexual
games. More and more, Bacardi tried to understand Gino, but she couldn’t even understand herself.
She knew that the emotional and mental closeness she longed to have with Gino, or anyone for that
matter, was nonexistent. When it came to the kind of love you read in books and watch on television; she
would never have that with Gino. Yet what ever it was that he gave her, was somehow exactly what
Bacardi needed, even while her heart yearned for a lot more! Gino’s hold on her was so constricting, he
didn’t want her getting too close to anyone else, for any reason. That apparently included China. Bacardi
suspected that was why Gino had the “no fucking China” rule.
E ven China secretly felt that Gino was threatened by her when it came to Bacardi. It became evident to
her nearly six months earlier. It had happened when Roxie “accidentally” slipped Bacardi some Ecstasy
that was meant for a potential “mark”. The word mark is how the women they seduced became known to
the group. The mark had ended up passed out from too much liquor and Bacardi ended up trying to fuck
everything in sight, including China and Roxie.
Bacardi, China and Roxie; the three of them had engaged in a nasty good time. Bacardi claimed she
didn’t remember anything later. A tape had been recording the whole time and when Gino saw it, he was
pissed. He had previously made it clear to Bacardi that he didn’t want her fucking China. Gino had gotten
so mad that he was foaming at the mouth when he yelled at Bacardi. “That’s my fucking sister Bacardi –
what don’t you understand when I say I DON’T WANT YOU FUCKING HER?!?!” China was also mad
because she felt that Gino made too big a deal about the situation. As far as Gino was concerned,
China’s anger was irrelevant. Bacardi noticed that Gino was angrier at her than at China; he hadn’t even
cared that Bacardi had fucked Roxie.
For Bacardi, her forgotten threesome resulted in three long days without any dick from Gino. E ven aft er
Roxie admitted that she had given Bacardi the drug by mistake, Gino didn’t want to hear it. He put her
pussy on punishment. Out of spite, he even fucked Roxie on the third night, and made sure Bacardi could
hear them. Why is he fuck ing that bitch? This is all her fault anyway! Later, Gino went to China directly
and told her that he didn’t want her fucking Bacardi again; he didn’t care if Bacardi asked for it or not.
China was annoyed, considering all the other women that Gino allowed to eat Bacardi’s pussy. She
doubted that it was just a matter of Gino being upset for mis sing out on the fun. This was specifically
about her. I know his ass just feels threatened by me. I just don’t know why. China knew that no one
besides Gino had a snowball’s chance in hell with Bacardi. Besides, all she wanted from Bacardi was a
little taste. Other than that, China could give a damn.