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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Bacardi had answered the door wearing only black pumps and a flowery pink satin robe. The short robe
was tied loos ely around her waist with a sash. The garment did little to conceal the area just below her
nice round buttocks, but it was the upper area that really held Anna’s attention. Every single gesture and
movement that Bacardi made caus ed the robe to hang open slightly. Each time it did, it reconfirmed what
Bacardi was already telling Anna with her eyes: YES I HAVE BIG JUICY TITS THA T I HAVE NO
PROBLEM SHOWING OFF! Her nipples managed to stay covered by the thin robe but the huge breasts
still bulged out proudly. The majestic peaks stood together closely, and left little room for cleavage. In
spite of their obvious size, her breasts weren’t floppy or sagging. Anna was impressed at how firm they
stood, lifted up on their own, without the aid of a bra. Ummmm, just what I wanted! She all but drooled, as
she allowed her gaze to linger on Bacardi’s bodacious boobs.
Anna’s approving eyes scanned every inch of Bacardi’s brown-skinned frame. When they had talked on
the phone, Bacardi told Anna that she was a bi-racial mixture of Mexican and black. This was obvious
from Bacardi’s striking Hispanic features and curly but almost kinky hair. She was only two or three
shades lighter than Anna. Anna couldn’t wait to see what the hot little Latina would be like in bed. When it
came to men, Anna had always been an open -minded black woman. Race was never an issue. She
didn’t really have a preference, as long as they could turn her on, and get her off. From the moment she
first discovered sex, Anna had dated, fucked or been in relat ionships wit h men of various races.
Aside from her voluptuous breasts, Bacardi had an attractive face. Her eyes were almost as dark as the
jet black hair that barely reached her shoulders. Next to Angelina Jolie, Bacardi had the sexiest mouth
Anna had ever seen. Her soft plump lips were moist looking, with just a hint of lip gloss on them. They
were the kind of lips you wanted to put in your mouth and suck on all day. Anna wondered if the lips
between Bacardi’s legs were just as succulent. She couldn’t wait to explore and find out for herself.
Bacardi led Anna to an overstuffed leather sofa, opposite a wall with a gigantic flat screen television.
Other than a loveseat and two end tables, the sofa and the television were the only things in the room. A
huge area rug that matched the room’s décor was covering the white decorative floor tiles. Bacardi
offered her a seat but she didn’t sit down and join Anna. She spoke in a soft sensual voice and Anna
remembered that the woman had just a hint of an accent. She w as saying something about not believing
that Anna was really there. Then she asked if Anna wanted something to drink. Half kidding, Anna
answered huskily: “Yeah, I’d love some Bacardi.” The two of them laughed and Bacardi headed across
the room towards what must have been the kitchen. “I’ll see what I can do”, she said seductively. “I’m
pretty sure I have some of my signature drink in the cabinet.”
Waiting for a Taste
As Anna watched Bacardi go int o the kitchen, she drank the sight in. She examined the nic e plump ass
underneat h a waistline much thicker than her own. Anna figured the young woman must weigh closer to
140 to 145 pounds, the same as her. Anna didn’t mind. Even though Bacardi was a few inches shorter
than Anna, she wore the extra pounds that she lied about very well. The black pumps and short robe
really complimented her meaty thighs and shapely legs. Her sensual body had a sway of confidence to it
when she walked. Anna couldn’t wait for a taste!
The whole time she was busy in the kitchen, Bacardi was chattering. She kept talking to Anna even
though they were separated by the dining room and the kitchen wall. Anna was trying to pay attention to
what Bacardi was saying, while checking out her surroundings at the same time. The house was neat and
clean, without so much as a rug out of place. Then again, there wasn’t very much in the house to mess
up. Except for a potted plant in the corner, even the modest size dining room only contained the bare
necessities, a table and four chairs.
Anna thought it was strange that the house was so spacious but didn’t really have any furniture. As far as
she could tell, this was a definite choice and not for lack of cash. She must have a little money, cause this
is definitely not a cheap neighborhood. Plus, with the money somebody paid for that damn television, I
could pimp this whole hous e out! Anna wondered how many rooms the house actually had. She guessed