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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

wondered if she was having a panic attack, worse yet, a heart attack. Oh God, please don’t let me have a
heart attack before I get to eat some pussy!!! Just like a raw nerve, every single part of her body was alert
to Bacardi’s presence. She prayed the woman couldn’t hear how fast her heart was beating. Anna’s mind
was in a fog and she struggled to listen to what Bacardi was saying. She could barely keep up with the
polite small talk her soon-to-be lover was making.
Bacardi seemed to prattle on nervously, asking one question after another. Was there much traffic? Did
you have trouble finding the street? Were you able to find a park ing spot? Anna figured Bac ardi was
probably nervous too, since this would be a first for her also. While they continued standing, Anna tried
not to be too obvious as she made an appraisal of the woman from head to toe. Damn, she’s hot! Nice
body, but there’s no fucking way this woman weighs 130 pounds! I wonder what her real name is. I k now
her mama didn’t name her Bacardi. Anna doubted that Bacardi was truly the woman’s real name, or that
she had been truthful about her actual weight. She did however, appear to be around 30 years old and
about 5’ 5”, just like her profile had described. One thing was for sure. From where Anna was standing,
Bacardi was every bit of a D cup, just as she had bragged on the phone! She had a very nice body. She
was a lot thicker than Anna, but she was still shapely and very sexy.
String of Dicks
From the looks of her, Anna was sure Bacardi could probably get as much dick as she wanted to; the
same as her. So far, she wasn’t really clear what Bacardi’s current relationship status was. They hadn’t
covered that particular topic either. In reality, Deanna Williams and Bacardi Sullivan knew absolut ely
nothing about one another; other than the fact that they both had a jones for pussy.
Anna looked at Bacardi and decided that if Bacardi didn’t have any dick in her life, it was definitely by
choice. With those titties, she probably k eeps a whole string of dick s dangling somewhere. Anna’s own
curvy hips and small waist never ceased to turn heads and get her all the dick she wanted. At 35 years
old, standing 5’ 7”, Anna could still pass for being in her late twenties. She made a point of taking good
care of her luscious body, all 145 milk chocolate pounds of it.
Usually, Anna had three or four men in and out of her life, all at the same time. All she had to do was
open her legs and they would sniff her out like a bitch in heat. But lately she had been going through a
self-imposed dry spell. None of her more recent lovers appealed to her any longer; and as for a real
romantic relationship – for A nna, it was nonexistent. E ver since she had decid ed to stop fucking her ex-
boyfriend Steven, her pussy hadn’t been a happy camper. She didn’t want to face the fact that she had
been more satisfied, even with Steven as a side-fuck or bootie call. Anna’s body demanded satisfaction
from his beautiful and long cock that she enjoyed laboring over. But her mind couldn’t accept anymore of
Steven’s bullshit; eventually her mind had prevailed.
Anna’s cousin Shane had suggested she try something new to get Steven off the brain, but Anna doubted
that Bacardi was what he had in mind. Anna couldn’t wait to get home and tell Shane where she had
spent the afternoon. She doubted if he would even believe her. Shane was Anna’s favorite cousin and he
shared a small apartment with her. He was a gay man that was happily out of the closet. Although he
wasn’t completely flaming in his demeanor, he would definitely be considered a “fag”.
Between Anna’s lovers and Shane’s lovers, they had a parade of testosterone in and out of their
apartment. They also had a strict house rule about NOT sharing dicks! Shane knew Anna loved dicks as
much as he did. I just know he’s not going to believe it. I should have brought my camera and took
pictures for proof! Shit, I just hope I have something worth telling Shane or that bitch is gonna’ clown me
for real. Anna shook the notion from her head. The thought of going home still starving for pussy was just
unaccept able!
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