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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Not wanting to risk upsetting Gino, Bacardi tried to look at it from his perspective and decided that he had
a point. Her rationale was based on their crowded duplex with all the nice furniture, clothes and jewelry he
lavished on her. He also kept plenty of cash in her pocket and Bacardi drove a cute little classic 1977
Mustang in mint condition. Gino had it restored for her, and the customized paint job was the color of
Bacardi Rum. The vehicle also had her name scribbled across the lower part of the rear window. There
was no doubt that he was a generous man and he didn’t mind splurging on her. She asked herself wasn’t
that proof of how much Gino cared about her? Bacardi was able to justify everything to herself with these,
and similar thoughts.
When she couldn’t pacify herself with this type of logic, Bacardi would press until Gino got impatient and
ready to lose his cool. Man, I told you, you got this! This dick is yours baby, but I’m going to do what I do,
and you k now this already! --- You need to stop with the nagging and quit riding me about bullshit! ---
While you’re busy worrying about me, you just make sure you remember that the pussy between your
legs is mine! --- I don’t want nobody near it, unless I say so! All their discussions about Gino fucking
other women would always end the same. Bacardi knew that Gino would disapprove of her fucking Anna
without him and their games. She wasn’t even doing it for pay. Bacardi was taking a big chance just so
she could have a little face time wit h Anna, all to herself!
Checking Out the Scenery
Sexual tension hung heavy in the room, from the minute Bacardi opened the door and invited Anna in.
The huge breasts that greeted Anna instantly aroused her. She was certain she had creamed in her
panties right there on the spot. Then, she felt a slight zing that sent a shock st raight to the damp area
between her legs. Anna realized that any notion about trying to keep her brand new thong dry was
useless. She was already starting to get moist, and at this rate, she’d be dripping wet in no time.
The two women stood in the middle of Bacardi’s spacious living room, grinning and making clumsy
introductions. They privately considered how truthful the other had been in their phone profile. It was
obvious to both of them that neither was disappointed in the ot her. Anna already knew it never took her
long to decide if a man was fuckable. Now she knew it was the same when it came to a woman. Cute,
clean and big ass titties! Yeah, I can definitely work with this. The tingling between Anna’s legs was
growing stronger. As it crept upward, it lit her warm snatch on fire and gave the rest of her body a hot and
flustered feeling. She began to feel a little light headed, like she had just smoked some good weed.
Anna wis hed she had rolled the last bit of marijuana in the little wooden box at home. Damn! I k now I
should have t wisted a joint before I left! Her and Bacardi hadn’t really covered any personal information
on the phone the night they spoke; just a lot of cat and mouse flirting and nasty word play. The issue of
smoking was never discussed. Anna had decided she’d better not smoke anything before leaving home.
She didn’t want to smell like weed on their first encounter, just in case Bacardi wasn’t 420-friendly. Now,
she wished she had at least rolled a joint and took a few puffs.
Both excitement and nervousness raced through Anna’s veins at the same time. Her body was so alert
that her nipples were conscious of the lining of her dress brushing against them lightly. Anna wasn’t
wearing anything under her dress except the thong she had purchase d yesterday, just for this occasion.
The loos e fitting beige dress was made of soft jersey. It hung from her shoulders with the aid of two
spaghetti straps. The skirt portion flared out just below the small waist that Anna was so proud of.
Although it was loose fitting, the dress did little to conceal the outline of her big hips and nice firm ass. It
also revealed the rock hard nipples protruding through the flimsy material.
In spite of her faked cool demeanor, every part of Anna’s body was on fire. She knew that soon, her
longtime fantasy of eating pussy would be fulfilled. Her mind instructed her to calm down and stay
focused. Just be cool Anna and try and get through all the god damn small talk ! She was finding it really
hard to concentrate. When her heart wasn’t pounding fast and hard, it felt like it was skipping beats. She