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First Taste of Bacardi HTML version

Volume 1
Contains the first four Books in the BACARDI SERIES Publications
By Charden Wood
Copyright Charden Wood 2013
KINDLE Edition License Notes:
This e-book series is licensed solely for the reader’s personal enjoyment. This e-book is not
authorized for re-sale or to be given away to others. Please be sure to purchase an additional
copy for each individual recipient, if you would like to share this e-book with someone else. If
you haven’t already done so, you may purchase your own copy at Amazon. Thank you in advance for
respecting the hard work of the eBook author.
Mature Content Warning:
The following book is part of an adult book series and contains adult content and situations. All
people involved are over the legal age for sexual situations. This entire book series is
recommended for individuals that are considered to be of legal age, pursuant to the definition as
it is understood in the United States; keeping in mind that the minor age limit may different in
other countries pertaining to sexual situations in media.
This story contains sexual situations including: lesbian sex, oral sex, anal sex (no penetration),
and references to sexual bondage.