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person that is listening or reading. Father, touch them with your mighty power. Now there it is - God's presence in that
room with you right now. Check out and move your limb, check out your sickness, and give thanks to God for what
He's done for you.”
Church, while we're sitting here right now, before we finis h, I want you to do this - we’re going to do two things. We're
going to stand up on our feet; and we're all going to pray in tongues. Then I'd like you to turn to someone, and I want
you to ask: can I pray for you? Then lay hands on them, and release the b lessing of God.
Let's do it right now, let's just pray - 15 seconds praying in tongues, speaking in the heavenly language. [Speaks in
tongues] Thank you Lord, you are filling us afresh with your power. Thank you you're filling us afresh with your
anointing and your life. We have something to give to those around us, in Jesus Mighty, Mighty, Mighty name. Thank
you Lord.
Won't you turn to someone near to you, and offer: you can pray for them, pray and release blessing over their life,
healing into their body, if they need it. Let's just minister to one another. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord, for your
wonderful presence; thank you Lord for touching people today; thank you Lord, Holy Ghost, come and fall upon
people right now. Touch people right now; minister to people right now, wherever they are - let your presence fall. Let
the power of God flow through them. Find someone you can pray for, believe for God to touch them with power.
1. Introduction:
Heb. 6:1-3 “Let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation ….”
T he foundation of any building is important, is unseen, but it determines the capacity and stability.
Growth to maturity is not automatic – it requires that the foundations be laid in our lives.
- Repentance and faith – establish our new identity as a believer in Christ – Children of God.
- We are baptised by the Holy Spirit into Christ and into His Body or family.
- We acknowledge we identify with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection by act of Water Baptism.
- We enter a new realm of supernatural living by being baptised in the Spirit.
Laying on of Hands:
Definition: one person places their hands upon another person (usually the head) with a definite spiritual purpose – usually accompanied by
prayer/prophetic words.
In the laying on of hands there is a spiritual connection and transferen ce o f spirit life and power from one person to another – you cannot give what you do
not have.
T he person receiving the spiritual impartation exercises faith that God will impart to them through the activity of another person e.g. Mk. 5:27-30 woman;
Lk 6:19 Multitude.
2. Purpose of Laying on of Hands
i) Impartation of Blessing
Gen. 48:13-15 “Israel stretched out his right hand and laid it upon Ephraim’s head … and he blessed Joseph …”
Blessings were Prophetic words spoken over a person that became imparted through the laying on of hands.
T he blessing was not able to be revoked once it had been imparted. Gen.27:34.
Blessings with laying on of hands acknowledg ed someone was chosen by God for a purpos e.
Other Examples:
Num. 27:18-20 Moses lays hands on Joshua and imparts authority and wisdom.
Mk. 10:13-16 Jesus lays hands on children and blesses them – spoke into them.
ii) Impartation of Baptism of Holy Spirit
Acts 8:17 “Then they laid hands upon them and they received the Holy Spirit”.
Acts 9:17-18 “Ananaias lays hands upon Paul and speaks over him prophetically. Paul receives baptism in Holy Spirit and is healed”.
N.B. Ananaias held no office – he was a disciple of Christ who listened to the Holy Spirit.
Mk. 16:17 “These signs will follow those who believe...they shall lay hands on sick …”
- Laying on of hands is not just a ceremony – it produces a real spiritual effect.
- T here is a real spiritual contact between two people and transferen ce takes place.
- T his is a ministry for all believers – we carry the life and power of God.
- God works through people making vital faith connection with other people.
iii) Impartation of Spiritual Gifts
· 1 Tim. 4:14 “Do not neglect the gift of God which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of hands of the eldership.
· 2 Tim. 1:6 “Stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.
- T imothy had some spiritual gift – supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit.