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What is it free to do? It's free to express the life of the spirit that's within us. It's free to move in gifts of the spirit .
You're free to receive spontaneous impressions, promptings, pictures, images, things from the Holy Spirit. So we
experience the spirit of God baptising us: firstly as something coming on us; and then something arising from being
saturated in Him, and beginning to flow through us, and express in the world.
So being baptised in the Holy Spirit - you are immersed into a dimension of the spirit of God moving and operating.
Now Brydon and Sharon, won't you just come up and stand over here for a moment. Just come up on the stage, it'll
be a lot easier for the camera to see. So the Holy Spirit comes on us, and then His presence arises within, and flows
through us.
I want you just to lift your hands up to the Lord. So Sharon, what now we're going to do is, we're just going to pray
that the Holy Spirit will clothe you, that the power of God will just come flowing, and just [WHOOO!] touch you life, just
like that. It's like something comes out of heaven. It's like heaven opens [whooo] and there's just like a flow of God
just begins to come. A person starts to get touched by God.
Right now, he is clothed with the spirit. When you clothe with the spirit, sometimes you feel Him, sometimes you can't
stand; so you notice it's like something invisible came over him. It's like something that was heavy, so heavy he
couldn't stand. It was like som ething you couldn't see just came on him.
What's happened now is: the spirit of God is resting on them. We tend to think in terms of concrete things, but the
Holy Spirit is able to move and flow; so what's happened now - the spirit of God has come on them. “Spirit of God has
come on them” - so Holy Ghost is on them. Now when we get baptised in the Holy Spirit, not only does the power of
God come on us, and clothe us; actually it activates, and we become filled inside as well.
When I talk about being clothed, you tend to think of a physical body and physical clothing. When God talks about
clothing, He's talking about your whole inner man being saturated, soul and spirit. When your inner man is saturated,
soul and spirit, something is going to rise up from wi thin you; and the first expression, as we'll see in a moment is,
normally people speak in tongues. Sometimes they just fall over; sometimes they look like they're just drunk, and
can't stand up - but always there's a flow from within.
So notice the Bible talks about “the Holy Spirit was poured out on them”? So it's like a pouring out, something from
heaven just comes down like that over the person - God's spirit coming on them.
Not only does the spirit of God come on them, the spirit of God fills every par t; so our soul now can flow with the Holy
Spirit, if we will let it; and now we can actually activate gifts of the spirit; and we can flow, so the spirit of God flows
through us.
Now one of the first expressions of the Holy Spirit flowing within us, that happened in the New Testament is - they
began to speak in tongues. When the spirit of God came on them (in Acts 2, Acts 8, Acts 10, Acts 19); when the Holy
Ghost came on them, they began to do something. Because they were filled, they began to speak in a language
they'd never learned - and it's the Holy Spirit that gave them the words. [Speaks in tongues]
Now you see they began to speak in a language of the spirit. There's an entrance into a new dimension. They're so
filled, they're starting to talk.
Acts 10:44 – “Spirit came on them, as on us at the beginning, they began to speak in tongues.”
Acts 2 – “spirit came on them, they began to speak in tongues.”
Acts 19:6 – “Paul laid hands on them, they were filled with the spirit, began to speak in tongues.”
Something from within them began to flow out - something from within. So we get charged with the Holy Spirit. So if I
just begin to now allow myself to become filled with the Holy Ghost – “Thank you Lord” - I begin to thank God and just
- because the Bible tells us: continue to be filled. Don't keep drinking wine, be filled with the Holy Ghost. How do you
get filled with the Holy Ghost? Thanking God, praising God, speaking in tongues, wandering, just beginning to just
enter His presence, [Speaks in tongues]