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So the doctrine of baptisms is a foundation of believing, that causes you to step up to the reality of who Jesus says
you are. Water Baptism demonstrates your Belief in that. Holy Ghost Baptism launches you into a reality of it, in
terms of Power. Baptism is suffering the experiences, which we welcome and rejoice over, because they enable
Christ to be seen more clearly. What a great foundation! If you don't have that foundation in your life, you'll just live
out of the old.
[Closing Prayer]
Perhaps there's someone here who's never taken the first step to receive Jesus Christ. This is what Jesus said: “To
as many as believed in Him, He gave power to become a child of God”. This is a day for you to become a child of
God. This is a day for you to open your life, to receive the spirit of God, and the moment you receive the spirit of God
- as you turn away from sin and put your trust in Jesus Christ - trust that He died as your representative. He took all
the punishment of sin, and has made a way for you to be changed. As you believe and embrace that in your heart, I'll
tell you something - you are changed. You are changed. You're going to be a new person, different person. The old
will have passed away, and straight away after that, you'll just want to get water baptised - find a bath and full it up, or
go to a river if it's a clean one - whatever, but get baptised real quick.
Let me just lead you in a simple prayer. I wonder if we could just pray the prayer together:
Father in heaven, I come to you in Jesus' name. I thank you for loving me, for sending Jesus Christ to die on the
cross for my sins. Lord Jesus, I turn away from sin today. I receive you as my saviour. I give you my life today. I ask
you to forgive me, to make me clean inside. By faith I receive forgiveness now. I receive your spirit into my heart and I
give you my life today. Before heaven and earth I declare: Jesus Christ is my saviour, and Lord, and my friend
forever. Amen.
If you’ve prayed that prayer for the first time: welcome to the family of God! God's spirit has just come upon you, and
touched you. Next thing you'll want to do is get water baptised. Someone who's there as a believer can take you to
get water baptised. Otherwise fill the bath up, and do it there - but get water baptised; make a declaration to the spirit
powers of your identification with Jesus Christ, and that you are truly rising up to be a new person.
1. Introduction
Heb. 6:1-3 “Let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundations …”
T he foundation of any building is unseen, but it determines the size and capacity of the building.
Our life and relationship with God must also have solid foundations for us to grow and mature.
In order to grow and „go on’ there are two conditions (i) Hope foundations (ii) Permission of God.
Heb. 6:1-3 Lists foundations essential to build our relationship and life with God.
(i) Repentance from dead works - turn away from activities that have not the
life or love o f God.
(ii) Faith towards God - trust in the word and character o f God, express ed in words and obedience.
2. Doctrine of Baptisms
T he Doctrine of baptisms forms the next part of the foundation.
Doctrine = NT 1322 = teaching or instruction (about the meaning of baptisms)
Western thinking “doctrine” is about knowledge or information.
Hebrew thinking “doctrine” is about teaching that is lived out experientially (Act 1:1)
Baptisms = NT 909 = Baptismos Greek It is a Greek word written in English and not translated.
Mk 14:20 “…it is one of the 12 who dips with me in the dish” Dip = bapto = to immerse.
Lk 16:24 “..send Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in water …” Dip = bapto = to immerse.
Baptize = to dip or totally immerse one object into something.
Bapt = NT 9:11 = to overwhelm, cover wholly with a fluid, to stain with a dye.
Baptism is the immersion of one thing into another so that it becomes changed.
Baptism is meant to impart to you a foundation of chang e.
3. Different Baptisms (4x)
Baptisms – is plural, there is more than one baptism – each one is to bring change.
(i) Baptism by Holy Spirit into Christ
1 Cor 12:13 “For by one Spirit we were all baptised into one Body…”
T he Holy Spirit brings about a change in identity and destiny when we receive Jesus Christ.
We become joined to Jesus Christ and become part of a Body of people repres enting Him.