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It is possible for you to experience massive deliverance when you get water baptised. I've seen people get massively
delivered. I've seen people go down in that water, come up and many, many aspects of their old life just disappeared
in a moment. Why? Because they held onto the truth associated with water baptism.
Let's have a quick look at it in Romans 6, and then we'll just finish up. We'll read from Verse 1, and Paul is talking
about sin reigning over people; and now the possibility of the power of God living in our life, and reigning in our life.
“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, so grace can abound? Certainly not! How shall we - notice what
he said - who have died to sin”. Not will die, but have died to sin - that's what the Bible says. This is part of the
teaching of baptism - water baptism. When you came to Christ, you identified with Him. What did you identify? He
was our representative; He went to the cross representing us; He died as our representative; He was buried as our
representative; He rose by faith in the power of God, and is alive, and full of resurrection life.
Here's what baptism is: Baptism - we identify with what He has done.
Notice what it says here: “Shall we, who have died to sin” - you've already died to sin. You're dead to sin. Before you
were Christians, sin had power over you. You had no power over sin. You could discipline your life, you could try real
hard, but sin always was there, waiting to conquer you. When a person comes to Christ, this is what it says: “we have
died to sin”. “Don't you realise, as many of us were baptised into Christ, were baptised into His death”. We were
immersed into His death - I'll explain this in a moment, and it says: “therefore we are buried with Him, through
baptism into death; that just as Christ was raised from the dead, by the glory of the Father, we would now walk or live
with a different lifestyle.
So it's not just the water baptism - it's the lifestyle. It's the difference between: living a life where you live in sin and
self-centredness, doing your own thing; and a life where the spirit of God is in you, and you're starting to live by the
power of the Holy Ghost, and the life of God; the resurrection life shining through you, changing you, gi ving you
victory, gi ving you power in your life.
In verse 5 it says: “knowing this, if we've been united with Him in the likeness of His death, so shall we be in His
resurrection. Knowing this, our old man was crucified with Him...” - now that's not your father there. Your old man is
your old nature – “...was crucified with Him - that the body of sin might be done away with; no longer slaves to sin, for
he who has died is now free from sin. So if we died with Christ, we believe we shall live with Him”. Vers e 11 - now
reckon yourselves (now here's the key of baptism) – “reckon yourself: I'm dead to sin, it has no power”.
Now let me just give it to you in just a few simple things. The first thing is: our old nature that caused us continually to
sin, had no help of reforming and changing. When Jesus Christ died, when you put your trust in Him, His death was
your death. When you trust in Him, the spiritual reality is this: that the power of sin in your life has been broken. Not
only when He died, you also legally died with Him. Now if you're legally dead, the devil's got nothing to accuse you
with. You can't accuse a dead man of anything.
If a person's got a problem with alcohol and cigarettes and all that kind of stuff, and they continually can't get over it;
but if they're dead, you can put a bottle in front of them, they're not going to touch it. Why won't they touch it? They're
dead. There's nothing in there alive anymore that goes for those things, so what he's saying is this: that when Christ
died on the cross, if you put your trust in Christ, then God considers a legal reality that you died then. You literally
died. Your old nature, it's power's completely broken, and was taken to the cross and died with you.
The only thing you could do with a person who's dead is bury them, so you bury them underground. So not only were
you crucified with Christ; when He was buried, we were buried with Him; and what happened then, the power of God
raised Him up to live with resurrection life.
So these are the realities now, that you are free from the power of sin; so how do you get free from the power of sin?
Well here's the thing most people try and do: they just try harder; and when you try hard, you're always condemned.
When I got water baptised, I was declaring to spirit powers: the old Mike Connell died. It's right and fitting today we
bury him, and he's out of your sight legally. A new person has risen up, who is joined to Jesus Christ; the spirit of God
is in him, he's part of a body of people, and the resurrection life of Christ is in him. He will live to advance the kingdom
of God, and destroy the works of the devil! Sin - I'm dead to sin.